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GreatWifi – powered by Intelys – delivers Aruba Instant On

You’re finding your feet and balancing how your business and home worlds have evolved.

Everyone has a different set of circumstances, but one thing we all agree on – when your WiFi is not great it can turn your world upside down.

You may need it to run your business, virtual school your children, cruise through your back-to-back conference calls, provide clients with WiFi, stream anything- from gaming to fitness videos and every binge series in between.

We all know, the right network can make this happen.

HPE Aruba, global industry leader in wired, wireless and security networking solutions, have been providing enterprise grade networks for decades.

With that background their team has developed a range of exceptional switches and access points to empower our home and business networks.

Aruba Instant On is a high-performance secure networking solution that won’t break the bank. It is simple to install and manage, so no need for dedicated IT resources to get you setup.

Easy Setup

All you need to start is your internet connection. Thereafter it is simple as building the network to match your needs.

The configuration – the piece that has many of us caught like a deer in the headlights – is made easy with the Instant On app and “plug and play” setup of the devices and if that still has you running scared, the team at Great WiFi will help you all the way.


Security shouldn’t be an add-on; it’s a must-have. It’s included at no extra cost with Aruba Instant On.

Aruba Instant On uses the HPE Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chipset on all AP hardware to ensure that no one can compromise the access point, change its boot-up software, or impersonate or disable the AP.

Through secure browsing, Instant On helps block known malicious and risky sites and applications, keeping you safe from phishing, fraud, and ransomware.

You can easily separate business and employee traffic from customer traffic and set hours for network availability.


Automatic data routing keeps all your info flowing on the fastest path.

Automatic software updates keep your Wi-Fi operating at top speeds. If an error is detected, your network heals itself.

Connect all your devices, even those with a wired connection, including POS terminals, security cameras, smart locks, printers, smart TVs, and more.

Aruba Instant On Access Points (APs) With models designed for indoor, outdoor, hospitality and SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) environments, there’s an option that meets any need, all at attractive price points.

Instant On APs can be cabled or can use an Auto Mesh technology that allows you to extend Wi-Fi coverage with great signal strength into every corner of your space.

Aruba Instant On Switches

The Aruba Instant On 1930 Switch series are advanced, smart-managed, fixed-configuration gigabit Ethernet switches that are easy to deploy and affordable to buy.

You can choose from different models that best fit your needs. Switches are not just for business, these are affordable and make sense to use at home.

You can easily connect access points, desktops, printers, VoIP phones, surveillance cameras or other wired devices.

You need to know more so jump onto for everything Aruba Instant On – or get in touch with us at [email protected] – from simple questions to technical specs, the Great WiFi team are passionate about getting Great WiFi into your space.

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GreatWifi – powered by Intelys – delivers Aruba Instant On