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More information and opportunities with HUAWEI Petal Search

What was life like before we had smartphones and smart apps?

Before apps came into our lives, things like navigating our way to holiday destinations involved a lot of roadside stops while trying to study a printed map book or map, with kids seated in the backseat shouting, “Are we there yet?”

Frustrating search experiences are a thing of the past as Petal Search helps us to stay organised, informed and entertained across various aspects of our lives.

And now, with easy access to maps, and streaming services for music and video, we can focus our attention on more important things.

HUAWEI Petal Search: the world in the palm of your hand

This search tool helps HUAWEI smartphone users to easily search for and find the things they are looking for, including Apps, news and images all from their home screen.

It also delivers a flexible, intelligent and secure search experience. Furthermore, Petal Search lists apps from multiple sources, including HUAWEI AppGallery and the HUAWEI Browser, enabling users to fully personalise and manage their Apps.

A convenient, multitasking tool

Sometimes our brightest ideas come to us at the most unusual times like while driving, sleeping or even in the shower.

When you need to do a quick search on Petal Search, you simply use your voice in place of a text search when you press the microphone icon and speak into the device speaker, and Petal Search will deliver you your required search results.

Safety and security

Navigating the internet can be a scary place, especially when it comes to sharing personal information, with Petal Search, you can browse the internet in Safe Search and Incognito modes for privacy, and your data won’t be tracked or analysed.

Petal Search adheres to strict privacy and copyright protection standards and allows you to add restrictions to filter out illegal content and other age inappropriate content.

The search engine is also compliant with South Africa’s security policies, laws, and regulations.

It supports twenty different languages and works in over 170 countries, and, best of all, it’s free.

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More information and opportunities with HUAWEI Petal Search