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How to target IT decision makers in South Africa

New marketing products from MyBroadband make it easy to reach IT and telecoms executives in South Africa and deliver a targeted message to them.

These online marketing tools were designed in response to the rapidly-changing working world, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Working-from-home has become the norm, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have replaced face-to-face meetings, and webinars are a substitute for physical events.

These changes require a new approach to marketing – as traditional mediums like print, radio, billboards, and conference sponsorships have become inefficient.

Online marketing

Using the latest online marketing tools, MyBroadband has designed products which allow companies to reach highly-targeted audiences.

This makes it possible for a company to zone in on a single demographic – like CIOs or IT managers – and deliver a targeted message to them.

The results from these campaigns are excellent, and they produce exceptional engagement rates and more than double the ROI when compared to traditional marketing channels.

The most effective campaigns used a combination of elements, including sponsored articles, social media promotions, newsletters, and banner ads.

For more information about these new marketing tools, visit: MyBroadband’s advertising page

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How to target IT decision makers in South Africa