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Informed Decisions completes a successful capital raise to expand impressive IoT technology

Globally, the rate of IoT adoption varies but is generally slower than expected.

However, the industry expects a major increase in adoption over the coming months and years and has been driven forward considerably by the new ways of work that have become prevalent over 2020.

With a global value on IoT estimate at $55billion, IoT is fast becoming a multi-industry requirement.

In action, IoT can make an unparalleled difference to your business efficiency, no matter your industry sector. Connected technology and automation allows for streamlined data capture, categorization, analysis, and insight into your production line, processes, sales, and stock management.

Interest in this field is growing at a rate of knots in global business, and in South Africa, starting to attract the attention of future-forward investors.

The Big Brains behind South Africa’s leading IoT company

A key challenge in adoption has been the definition of global IoT standards. Informed Decisions (ID) is working hard to define an operating standard that will allow for future-proof applications.

Informed Decisions, South African industry leader of IoT technology development and implementation, was announced as the 2019 overall winner at the MTN IoT Awards. As a result, they were asked to make several keynote addresses across the globe and participate as a judge for an Israeli-based global technology award.

With our ability to implement IoT technology that controls elements on the ground, like valve opening and closing, and relay switching, we’re ahead of the curve, offering a ground-up technology with an improved return.

Informed Decisions in the IoT Industry

Informed Decisions has long been the powerhouse of R&D in the technology space and have released some ground-breaking technologies over the last 5 years, with a lot more to come.

As a company, we understand that we can only be successful if the industry is successful, so we have embraced our supply chain and most of our competitors.

Our CEO was appointed the Chairman of the IoTIC, which further emphasizes our commitment to the industry at large.

Informed Decisions announces an investment in their cutting-edge IoT technology

As a result of our excellence in the R&D and implementation of IoT in South African business, our impeccable quality of products and service, and our custom innovation in an arena where basic open-source software prevails, we’ve attracted the attention of an investor who shares our values and vision for the future.

How we became the IoT solutions provider of choice for big investment

Our excellence follows a formula that no other can replicate and results in unmatched gains for any business.

Our current position, and our capabilities in the IoT arena, remain virtually unchallenged. Our compendium of secure and agile IoT solutions, which are supported by a heavy focus on R&D, predicates growth and expansion to conquer new horizons.

Our belief is that IoT, at its heart, is Data Integrity. Without this foundation, the machine data and automation that many open-source IoT solutions provide is worthless.

The framework that is built on top of the data that we uncompromisingly source allows for better collection, analysis, insights, and trend mapping than any other solution.

The key to our success

We are for sensors and actuators what XML was for database integration: Our solution design enables a long-range wireless network that operates more like SCADA than current data-sourcing technologies.

Attention to detail on all things from the edge data upward, including SCADA-like functionality, always-on new data, seamless integration of all data throughout the information chain, extensive control, and better aggregation, leading to more access to more data, with machine learning and AI capabilities driving your insight.

With Informed Decisions, this functionality and cross-industry application comes standard.

The new investment will take us, and your business, much, much, further.

Stay tuned for our exciting growth and trailblazing development.

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Informed Decisions completes a successful capital raise to expand impressive IoT technology