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The Experts are Keeping it Local in the Online Era

There’s a new player on the e-Commerce scene that’s causing a stir by taking a human approach to bring online shopping home for South Africans, with the promise to be here for you. So, we did some investigating to learn a bit more about how they’re delivering on this bold pledge.

Who are these Experts?

As part of an international buying group active in 22 countries around the world, Expert stores are a network of independent local retailers from across South Africa who have pooled their collective buying power to be able to offer highly competitive pricing to their customers.

They specialise in electronics and domestic appliances both small and large, from TV and audio to the latest mobile and tech devices; fridges, cookers, and dishwashers; washing machines and dryers; air conditioners and heaters; health and personal care and more.

Expert brings you the latest, top of the range products from leading global brands such as Samsung, Apple, LG, JBL, Delonghi, Defy, Philips, Bosch, Smeg, and Russell Hobbs. With over 100 suppliers they stock the best goods from the world’s best manufacturers.

Shopping locally, online?

With 41 stores located around South Africa, across all nine provinces, there’s a local, owner managed, Expert store near you. And if you prefer avoiding the crowds and shopping from home, they’re simply a click away at

With their network of local stores, it means that even when you shop online, you’re still shopping within your local community, supporting real people who know and understand you personally, and that take pride in delivering on their promise to be here for you.

How are Expert breaking the mould?

In order to be able to compete toe-to-toe with the likes of the mass market retailers in terms of price point, Expert stores leverage their strength as a buying group to be able to negotiate advantageous pricing and bulk discounts directly from the manufacturers and then pass those savings onto their customers.

The fundamental aspect that defines the Expert difference is the human touch. At every step of the shopping process, you’re dealing with a real person and not a nameless and faceless call centre agent who churns out automated responses. The result is a uniquely personal shopping experience from start to finish.

Humanising e-Commerce?

From Expert’s online store you can shop with ease as well as safety and security in the comfort and convenience of your living room.

Expert stores pride themselves on their quick and efficient delivery service, and even though they won’t over promise and under deliver, if your purchase is currently in stock at your local store you can receive delivery as soon as the very next day, delivered with care by your local Experts.

Buying through Expert also means that, with their local brick and mortar stores, there will always be somebody there for you after your purchase and backed up by a comprehensive customer support system.

Should you have any questions or experience any issues with your purchase, you can either give Expert a call on their dedicated and direct customer support line – 087 095 5722 – or pop them a message on social media or you can visit your local store in person for some friendly and helpful Expert advice.

They’ll even continue to look after you and your purchase for years to come with Expert’s Extended Maintenance Plan.

For a nominal fee, they will provide the labour and parts to restore your appliance to full working order for up to three years after the original manufacturer’s warranty lapses. This Extended Maintenance Plan can also be added to your purchase up to three months after you’ve bought it.

Visit your local Expert store or browse online at to experience the personal touch of a retailer that makes good on its promise to be here for you.

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The Experts are Keeping it Local in the Online Era