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Bitmart – The best way to get graphics cards for mining Ethereum and cryptocurrencies

There is a global shortage of graphics cards and it can be hard to get your hands on the right GPU to build a cryptocurrency mining system.

Additionally, there are many “Mickey Mouse” suppliers who are sourcing their stock from smaller suppliers who are sourcing their stock from resellers, who are sourcing their stock from distributors.

This results in more issues due to the numerous players involved in the procurement process.

Bitmart, which has been supplying South Africans with cryptocurrency mining equipment since 2016, ensures customers receive superior service by going straight to the source – and it has recently onboarded a great new supplier from whom they can directly get powerful mining cards.

South Africa’s most reputable supplier of crypto-related hardware like graphics cards is now selling dedicated HX mining cards exclusively to its cryptocurrency-mining customers.

These cards also come with a three-month warranty, as opposed to most graphics cards which void their warranty when used for mining.

Bitmart orders these graphics cards in shipments of 500 at a time, so once enough clients have placed their orders, Bitmart confirms a new shipment with its supplier.

The cards should arrive about four weeks after Bitmart places a shipment order.

Bitmart is committed to doing full due diligence regarding this new supplier before processing purchases of these graphics cards – ensuring customers actually get the product they order timeously.

Get a fully-built mining rig

If you’re in the market for an entire mining system, Bitmart sells complete mining rigs that run HX mining cards.

This removes the complexities of building your own rig from scratch, allowing you to set up your rig and get mining in less time.

This is not all that Bitmart offers, however, and miners can place an order for one of Bitmart’s mining-specific Desolator 6 mining cases.

These chassis are robust, well-aerated, and are designed to be stackable.

Bitmart also has its own 1,800W power supply, which improves upon its previous 1,600W version to accommodate larger and more powerful cards and rigs – while you can order a secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet to store all of your mined cryptocurrency.


Bitmart was founded in 2016 and has spent the next five years becoming South Africa’s most reputable and respected name in cryptocurrency product sales.

While many competitors have come and gone, Bitmart has stood strong throughout the past five years thanks to its great products, impressive prices, and knowledgeable team.

Whether you’re in the market for a full mining rig, or just need to replace a part, Bitmart has you covered.

Additionally, if you are a supplier, Bitmart is happy to work with you to provide your customers with high-quality cryptocurrency mining products.

Visit Bitmart’s online store or their physical offices at 29 Marloth Street, Nelspruit to place your order today.

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Bitmart – The best way to get graphics cards for mining Ethereum and cryptocurrencies