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Micro Focus customers – Upgrade to ALM Octane today

Micro Focus ALM Octane is the ultimate choice for organisations looking to transition to a hybrid and agile DevOps solution.

Micro Focus ALM and Quality Centre customers have been receiving tremendous value out of these products.

If you are one of these customers, and are looking to add even more value to your DevOps processes, adding ALM Octane to your technology stack is the logical next step.

ALM Octane is an innovative product offered by Micro Focus which provides a comprehensive agile and DevOps quality management solution.

This innovative product supports agile delivery with complete visibility across the entire application delivery lifecycle.

It also accelerates agile transformations for high-quality application delivery at enterprise scale, while leveraging existing investments – like Micro Focus’s ALM and Quality Centre solutions.

Additionally, you can integrate Octane into open source and third-party solutions – enabling you to support planning, analytics, end-to-end traceability, and reporting.

Insight from a partner

Sipho Mogapi, managing director at Lubanzi ICT Consulting, said the ALM and Quality Centre products from Micro Focus provide great value to many of his customers.

He added that ALM Octane is the logical next step for these clients.

“ALM Octane is a great tool because it enhances the functionalities of ALM and supports the new ways of DevOps,” said Mogapi.

“With ALM Octane, customers can integrate tools like Jira and Rally to bring that test management capability that only ALM can provide.”

“It also allows teams to track the status of builds and tests included in pipeline runs, and analyse build failures.”

He also highlighted another great benefit of ALM Octane, which is that you don’t need to rip and replace your current solutions.

Instead, you can use Micro Focus Connect to synchronise between your current tools and the other tools that you are using.

Learn more about Micro Focus ALM Octane

If you are interested in taking your DevOps to the next level, Micro Focus ALM Octane is the way to go.

There are plenty of great online resources that offer insights into the solution, such as this product data sheet.

Alternatively, click here to view the Micro Focus ALM Octane dedicated webpage, and claim your free trial.

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Micro Focus customers – Upgrade to ALM Octane today