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Better connections with Wi-Fi technology by Intel

With the unprecedented events of 2020, Wi-Fi is now the primary method for the remote workforce, students, and families to connect.

Global internet usage and investments in Work from Home and remote learning capabilities are predicted to continue growing as the pandemic fuels an increase in internet traffic from videos, social media, and gaming.

In the future, many businesses plan to increase work from home capacity.

Intel Wi-Fi products leverage the latest technologies to provide best in class connectivity1 experiences today, and with future support for Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 protocols, will enable even faster speeds, lower latency, and improved reliability.

Wi-Fi tends to get bogged down when you’re in a crowded place with a lot of Wi-FI enabled devices.

Picture a busy stadium, airport, hotel, mall, or even a crowded office with everyone connected to Wi-Fi. You’re probably going to have slow Wi-Fi.

The new Wi-Fi 6, also known as 802.11ax, incorporates many new technologies to help with this.

Intel trumpets that Wi-Fi 6 will improve each user’s average speed by up to 40% in congested areas with a lot of connected devices.

This wouldn’t just apply to busy public places; it could also apply to you at home if you have a lot of devices connected to Wi-Fi

Look for Wi-Fi 6

When it comes to buying a new device, you won’t be digging through the spec sheet and trying to remember whether 802.11ac or 802.11ax is the latest standard.

The device manufacturer can say it has “Wi-Fi 6” or “Wi-Fi 5,” or just to be sure, ask your friendly sales rep at a Game Store near you.

Don’t get caught out with cheaper devices that don’t have this basic technology for the modern user.

We have identified 3 great laptop options for you At Game packed with the latest Intel 11th Gen Technology which comes standard with WiFi 6, Intel SuperFin, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, Intel Turbo

Boost and many more amazing features.

HP i5 laptop – R10,999

Dell XPS 13 – R34,999

Despite the looming threat of cloud gaming, gaming PC purchases surged during COVID-19 and are forecasted to continue.

The global sales of gaming PCs grew by 16.2% during 2020.

This is thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and its stay-at-home orders; however, the growth is not forecasted to end there.

Gaming Laptops are now smaller, more affordable, and capable than ever before.

If you are an avid Gamer and Cables keep getting in your way then the Dell Inspiron G5 Gaming Laptop packed with Intel 10300H CPU, 16GB Memory and 512SSD delivers the performance you need to play throughout your home.

Dell Inspiron 5500 – R29,999

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Better connections with Wi-Fi technology by Intel