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Customer service can make or break your business

Web Partner, South Africa’s leading and largest web design agency continues to have the competitive edge in one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa.

Business in general is not easy, and now more than ever entrepreneurs are facing unanticipated challenges and have failures overshadowing their success. So, what is the secret to this web design company’s success?

“Seven years’ worth of experience has definitely counted in our favour, but our core belief – service our customers can trust plays an even bigger role in our success. You can give a customer a great product and they will talk about it for a day but give them great service and they will talk about it forever. We know that if we nail service, we are adding as much value to our business as we are to our clients’ business”, says Louis Jones, Head of Marketing and Google Ads.

To date, Web Partner has been the go-to web design and marketing agency for more than 10 000 small businesses across South Africa.

“Like any other business, we have challenges along the way, but we are confident in our offering. Businesses, and start-ups especially aren’t always in a financial position to pay a large sum of money for a website – that financial burden is unnecessary. When you partner with us, you can channel your time and energy into more important aspects of your business”.

Their pay monthly web design packages from as little as R299pm doesn’t tie you into any contracts. With their model geared towards small to medium sized businesses in South Africa, Web Partner allows anyone the opportunity to get their business online easily and conveniently at an affordable price.

To further ensure that they are keeping up with both industry and customer demands, Web Partner has an ever-growing team of experts in Web Design, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Hosting and Domains and Development.

“This is a fast-paced industry, with so many changes taking place daily, you need to adapt and sometimes, think on your feet. Luckily, we have dedicated experts in each department equipped with the right skillset, knowledge and a good understanding of the industry as a whole”, says Founder and CEO, Brian le Roux.

With over 300 reviews, a near perfect Google and Facebook rating and portfolio that features premium quality and professional designs, Web Partner proves to be the number one choice in web design and marketing for small businesses in 2021.

Get your website today with Web Partner – service you can trust!

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Customer service can make or break your business