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Leading Influencer Marketing platform launches FREE online academy for marketers

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing forms of digital advertising and is forecast to boast average annual growth of 32.4% between 2019 and 2024.

This growth is not surprising, as influencers are highly-relatable for your audience – expertly positioned to promote your brands and products.

However, many businesses find it challenging to determine which influencers offer the most value.

Certain influencers pay for fake followers so that their social media numbers are inflated, meaning businesses don’t get the performance they pay for.

Additionally, influencer marketing is a new area of interest for many organisations – so you may need guidance on how to develop your influencer marketing strategy.

This is why leading influencer marketing platform Humanz has launched its free Influencer Marketing Academy – which offers great insights for companies developing an influencer marketing strategy.

About the Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy

The Influencer Marketing Academy offers a five-chapter course that answers all of your influencer marketing questions, including:

  • Why care about influencer marketing?
  • What makes a good influencer?
  • How do you set up a successful brand and influencer partnership?
  • How do you create and seed great content within a brand and influencer collaboration?
  • How do you measure results and drive sales?

The coursework is premised upon the fact that successful collaboration between influencers and marketers requires mutual trust and understanding.

Influencers who complete the course will therefore have a comprehensive understanding of what brands want and expect from them.

Likewise, marketers who complete the course will have a better understanding of how influencers operate – as well as how to differentiate between legitimate influencers and those who will not offer value to your organisation.

This makes the Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy the perfect platform to gain valuable insights when crafting an influencer marketing strategy.

You will also receive improved visibility within the Humanz platform, which will make it easier for you to develop relationships with influencers who you know have a strong understanding of how to produce great results.

Learn from the best

The Humanz Influencer Marketing Academy course is hosted by world-famous actress Pearl Thusi, who is a successful influencer in her own right.

“From the beginning, our mission at Humanz has been to help ensure the sustainable growth of the influencer marketing sector by offering knowledge, data, and tools to improve collaborations between marketers and influencers,” said Humanz CMO Brett Solomon.

“The academy fits right into our mission and has been a project we have looked forward to launching for over a year now.”

Solomon said that Humanz intends to add new chapters and courses every few months based on industry shifts and user feedback.

Click here to join the academy.

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Leading Influencer Marketing platform launches FREE online academy for marketers