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EcoFlow Portable Power Generator – The best way to deal with load-shedding

South Africans know only too well why it is important to have energy storage devices at the ready.

Load-shedding is a major problem that shows no sign of going away, and the latest string of power cuts prove this.

In fact, the research conducted by the CSIR found that load-shedding volume is set to triple between 2020 and 2022.

This has caused many South Africans to resort to alternative energy sources for when Eskom implements load-shedding.

The superior alternative to gas generators

Many have resorted to gas-driven generators, which provide power to support the appropriate devices that need powering.

However, there is a superior alternative that able to offer several significant advantages over this outdated alternative power source.

EcoFlow’s range of innovative energy storage products, such as power generators and solar panels, which make it easy to keep your devices running when Eskom implements load-shedding.

The EcoFlow power generators don’t make the amount of noise that gas generators do, and also do not emit any unhealthy fumes.

Additionally, gas generators require regular maintenance if you want them to keep running properly, whereas the EcoFlow power generators do not require this attention at all.

If you want a power source that you can transport with you to other locations, or on hikes or camping trips, EcoFlow power generators are fully portable, and the EcoFlow RIVER series come in sizes as small as a large toaster.

All you need to do is charge them up when you have energy – be it through Eskom or through an alternative source like solar power – and then plug your devices into it when the power is out.

Here are EcoFlow’s top products.

EcoFlow Delta

The EcoFlow Delta is the ultimate backup power solution for your home or professional works.

This power generator can be recharged from 0% to 80% within 1 hour thanks to EcoFlow’s innovative X-Stream technology.

It offers 6 X 1,800W AC outlets and a capacity of 1,260Wh, meaning it will provide enough power for multiple home appliances and heavy-duty DIY tools – with up to 13 devices supported simultaneously.

EcoFlow River

The EcoFlow River is specifically designed with portability in mind.

It boasts three 600W AC outlets and a capacity of 288Wh, and can power up to 10 devices simultaneously.

The EcoFlow River weighs just 5kg and is slightly larger than a toaster, yet through X-Boost technology it can power certain devices up to an impressive 1,800W.

Learn more

EcoFlow offers an extensive range of other power products, too – including solar panels and accessories – so visit their website today to learn more.

If you are interested in buying an EcoFlow product, these devices are now available here.

If you are a business that would like to work with EcoFlow, click here.

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EcoFlow Portable Power Generator – The best way to deal with load-shedding