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BCX webinar will reveal how Sun International boosted ACM success

BCX will reveal how Sun International boosted attendance of adoption and change management (ACM) workshops by 69% and achieved 30 to 120-minute efficiency enhancements, in its upcoming webinar.

Why Technology Change Management Matters will be hosted in June.

“People who attend our webinar will hear directly from Sun International. They’ll get insights into how they can save some of their employees 45 minutes per day.”

“They will discover, for example, how they can improve decision-making in their organisation by as much as 17%.”

“And they’ll see how they can get much more business value out of the software licences they already have,” says Andrew McNair, Manager for Microsoft Services in the Microsoft Centre of Excellence at BCX, “which has enormously positive results on their ROI indicators.”

Attendees will learn how South African organisations like Sun International used best practice ADKAR and Prosci processes with remote services during their rapid digitalisation efforts due to lockdown.

The ACM projects improved the benefits they realised, sped up adoption and improved employee efficiencies, making organisations more profitable and helping them improve customer experiences.

The team will also share lessons in gaining the crucial executive and project sponsor support via focused show and tell sessions.

McNair and Sun International’s business lead will be joined by Christo Economou, Senior Specialist and Lead for Adoption and Change Management in the BCX Microsoft Centre of Excellence.

“We’ll demonstrate how executives and other sponsors can quickly identify the low hanging fruit for improving ROI.”

“Sun International’s business lead will describe their customer experience, how their team adopted this approach to ACM, and why it’s beneficial in the organisation.”

“ACM is a cost-effective opportunity that can create defining differentiators, particularly as organisations are digitalising their business and operations,” says McNair.

“But many miss the opportunity because they approach it as a software licence costing exercise rather than freeing themselves from that limiting constraint. ”

“In the webinar, we’ll talk about how they can rather drive business value that multiplies ROI.”

Register for the webinar – Click here.

It will take place on 29 June from 09:00 – 10:30 (SAST).

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BCX webinar will reveal how Sun International boosted ACM success