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DStv over fibre – The smart choice!

With an ever-growing demand for fibre-optic based broadband connectivity, the DStv over Fibre solution is ideal for integrating any new or existing FTTH (Fibre to the Home) deployment.

A well-designed Fibre-Optic network will allow for the distribution of both Linear television services, and data services where required, to thousands of endpoints on a single network infrastructure.

Make your fibre network smarter

The benefits of the DSTV over Fibre system is that it caters for Satellite over Fibre network, covering both greenfield (new developments) & brownfield (existing residential/commercial structures).

It works with both Fibre (apps/streaming) & Linear (Live TV) environments, offering an aggregated service of both.

Space Television is a trusted partner and approved Systems Integrator for MultiChoice and have been a distributor since DStv‘s first satellite broadcast in 1995.

The DStv Explora Ultra provides the ultimate flexibility for aggregated services, creating the perfect TV-Hub, housing your Live DStv Audio and Entertainment channels, plus your favourite streaming apps such as Netflix, Showmax, YouTube and more recently Amazon Prime.

Currently, Developers, Managing Agents, and Body Corporates do not allow provision for Linear Television services over Fibre Ecosystems.

This is incredibly frustrating for homeowners who prefer to keep both complementary offerings (i.e., Linear satellite and streaming ) when they move into new apartments or housing estates that do not have provision for DStv over Satellite.

Architects, Consulting Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and IT/ICT Managers need to plan accordingly to include and cater to DStv over Fibre in their system planning, design and budget.

Maximize your Fibre Investment

What is DStv over Fibre?

The Technology: 

The DStv over Fibre signal distribution system used by MultiChoice is facilitated by utilising Satellite Frequency Stacking Technology.

The frequency stacking technology has been developed by Global Invacom and is used globally by various service providers.

Space Television is both the trusted partner and approved Systems Integrator for MultiChoice, and Africa’s distribution partner for Global Invacom, thus facilitating the perfect partnerships for satellite over fibre solutions.

How it works:

The DStv digital satellite transmission is received via a locally installed commercial-grade satellite antenna (dish) and converted into a single light beam distributed via an optic fibre network.

The high-quality products from Global Invacom used in DStv over Fibre deployment ensure that all users on the network will receive reliable service, enabling them to view all the DStv channels as part of their DStv subscription.

DStv over Fibre for Multi-Unit Dwellings:

Advantages for Body Corp and Developers and Installers:

The ease of deployment due to the simplistic design of the solution and the exceptional reliability offered by the Global Invacom products make this solution an excellent long-term investment to body corporates and developers.

The single dish topology also allows for an aesthetically pleasing deployment eliminating the need to install multiple satellite dishes and antennas defacing the development.

As the fibre-optic cable and various passive network components used in these deployments do not conduct any magnetic or electrical fields, a DStv over Fibre deployment is not susceptible to electrical or lightning surges.

As is the case with copper networks, elevating the added cost of lightning and surge protection is required to protect the network.

It is also safe from LTE and other RF-type interference, becoming more common due to the many services using radio waves.

Hybrid Systems: Coax Cable + Fibre

A hybrid system would be recommended in price-sensitive deployments, using a fiber-optic backbone to distribute the DStv services to specific points (Blocks, floors, wards, etc.).

The fibre-optic light signal is converted back to RF (Radio Frequency), allowing for the last mile distribution using DSCR Multiswitches and a traditional coaxial cable distribution system.

Video overlay for Fibre ISP – Add value to your Fibre Ecosystem:

When a GPON data network is deployed (new or existing), it is possible to add DStv over Fibre to the network using Video overlay technology.

Video overlay allows for linear television services to co-exist with data services, including internet access, telephony, and security services, on a single fibre strand to each endpoint on the network.

View more here.

Linear TV versus Streaming services:

Although there has been a sharp increase in streaming services, satellite broadcast for linear television still proves to have many advantages.

Apart from the additional cost of a high-speed uncapped internet service required for streaming services, using satellite and terrestrial-based linear television services avoids latency and buffering issues that may occur due to bandwidth constraints.

Bandwidth limitations are experienced when relying on the public internet as a source of delivery for Linear television and other video entertainment services.

PVR / Explora functionality:

The Global Invacom DStv over Fibre system is compatible with old-school legacy type satellite receivers and the latest.

UNiCable based Flagship HD decoders with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functionality offered by MultiChoice DStv.

Additional features such as the ExtraView offering from MultiChoice, which allows subscribers to access three active decoders on a single subscription, can be easily accommodated without any additions to the fibre-optic infrastructure.

Catering for DTT and GOtv Services:

Where applicable, DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) services may be added to the system.

As the system is transparent, all services available on the satellite to which the dish is being directed will be available on the network, including numerous free-to-air DTT services and MultiChoice’s GOtv terrestrial services (GOtv services are currently only available outside of South Africa.

For any technical assistance, please contact our Technical Department.

Space Television’s Projects Department can collaborate with Planning, Consulting & Electrical Engineers, and IT Managers/fibre installers for new or existing projects.

We offer System Design, Linked Budgets, Costings & Bill of Materials to assist with smooth project rollouts. Contact our Project Team now for a consultation.

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DStv over fibre – The smart choice!