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OPSWAT security solutions – Ultimate protection for your business data

Your business data is one of your most valuable assets, which is why cybercriminals are desperate to get their hands on it.

Good news is that OPSWAT security solutions are now available to South African businesses through Altron Arrow.

OPSWAT helps you respond to data threats by offering comprehensive security solutions across all the areas and devices of your business.

File upload protection

A common way that malicious parties attempt to infiltrate your systems is through file uploads.

They use common file types to hide advanced threats that will exploit vulnerabilities in your system and, ultimately, compromise either an end user or your entire company.

There are four ways you can prevent this from taking place:

  1. Integrate with antivirus APIs – You should integrate antivirus APIs that scan all file uploads for known malware.
  2. Sanitise productivity files – Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) takes a productivity file, breaks it down into small parts, and analyses each part separately for threats.
  3. Extract archive file uploads – Malicious files can be hidden in archives, meaning you need to scan and sanitise the files within an archive.
  4. File type verification – Malicious parties can disguise files as other file types, such as making .exe files look like .txt files.

OPSWAT’s MetaDefender is a fully automated malware prevention system that implements all four of the measures listed above.

It offers a rich set of REST APIs that can be used to integrate dynamic security features, includes innovative Deep CDR functionality, and implements archive extraction to scan for malicious threats hidden within.

It also supports file type verification, ensuring you protect yourself against disguised threats.

Protecting point-of-entry

Another key area in cybersecurity is physical media – including disks, flash memory cards, mobile devices, and USB storage devices.

MetaDefender Kiosk, through the K3001 Premium device, acts as your digital security guard by inspecting all of the media types for malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data.

The device can sanitise suspicious files, too, while sensitive files can be redacted as appropriate.

The K3001 Premium is ready to deploy immediately, as it is pre-configured with a region-specific power cord, power protection, and a UPS.

It is also ruggedised for industrial environments, with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel enclosure and stainless steel and aluminum internal cabinetry.

Altron Arrow

If you need OPSWAT technologies and solutions, Altron Arrow is ready to assist you.

It recently signed a distribution agreement with OPSWAT to offer its MetaDefender and MetaAccess cybersecurity suite to South African companies, and Altron Arrow clients can now implement these impressive solutions within their existing infrastructure.

Contact Gyula Wendler from Altron Arrow for more info 

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OPSWAT security solutions – Ultimate protection for your business data