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Pargo offers free eco-friendly packaging

76% of South Africans believe businesses should do more for the environment.

This revealing statistic comes from a recent study by MasterCard investigating how COVID-19 has influenced South African consumer sentiment about sustainability.

Now more than ever, consumers are concerned about their purchasing habits and those of the business which they support.

This month, companies are publicly committing to corporate environmental responsibility by joining the global movement known as Plastic Free July.

Together with consumers, they are aiming to be part of the solution to plastic pollution by refusing the use of single-use plastic.

The logistics company, Pargo, hot off the heels of the launch of their new biodegradable paper packaging, is joining this initiative by shining a spotlight on their innovative eco-friendly, retail partners that are changing the way people consume.

Michaela Gabriel, Head of Marketing at Pargo and the driving force behind the company’s new paper mailing bags, explains

“Sustainability is embedded into the very fabric of Pargo. Only around 7% of South Africans recycle single-use plastic bags, which means over 8 billion plastic bags get discarded in the country every year resulting in widespread pollution of our environment, especially our oceans.”

“That’s why we developed our new paper mailing bags which give consumers and retailers an eco-friendly, biodegradable option for the last-mile leg of their delivery journey.”

“However, our mission to address the carbon footprint of the logistics industry goes beyond this.”

“We want to start a movement on a larger scale that inspires others to make eco-friendly decisions as well, which is why we have joined an initiative like Plastic Free July.”

Some of Pargo’s retail partners who have joined the logistics company for this initiative include Sealand, Timberland and Pokkelokkie. From reusable nappies, to ethically-made hand-crafted shoes, these businesses are making green waves across South Africa.

“At Sealand we believe that all our business decisions must be made by keeping the planet and its people front and centre.”

“That’s why our products are made from waste or responsibly sourced materials. Our logistics partnership with green-thinkers Pargo has been a natural fit and we are proud to join them in their Plastic Free July initiative,” says Jasper Eales, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Sealand.

Follow the conversation on Pargo’s social media channels and keep an eye open for prizes.

In line with the fight against single-use plastics of this month, Pargo is also calling all retailers who are looking to include sustainable business practices in their fulfillment strategy to reach out to them for a free trial of their new mailing bags, which promise to be even more tough than their plastic alternatives.

Retailers who decide to make use of Pargo Click & Collect are then provided with free biodegradable mailing bags to fulfil their orders.

Want to green up your last-mile? Get in touch with Pargo here.

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Pargo offers free eco-friendly packaging