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The best fibre internet service provider in the country

When you need to get online and connected at home or work, choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) is now an easy task thanks to RSAWEB – an ISP that has been in operation for over 20 years and is the top-rated ISP in the country.

Highest rated ISP on Google

RSAWEB has an industry-leading 4.6/5 Google star rating.

This rating is attributed to amazing customer service and is acquired through adding up thousands of customer reviews and ratings.

In order to achieve a rating as high as 4.6/5, RSAWEB have been able to receive a 92% positivity rating amongst their customers – which is truly astounding and testament to the fact that they never compromise on service. Proof of this can be easily found on their Google MyBusiness page, where we found many comments such as these:

“It’s been an excellent experience dealing with RSAWEB. I’m happy I moved my ISP to RSAWEB. Great people.” – Gus B.

“RSAWEB continues to perform with excellent service – keep it up guys and girls.” – Wendy K.

“What a difference from my last service provider. Absolutely brilliant one-on-one service from day one.” – Toni D.

“We are extremely happy with the excellent service we received from staff. Job well done.” – Liasan D.

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Customer satisfaction is key

In MyBroadband’s latest Insights Report, RSAWEB received an all-round customer satisfaction rating of 78.5% – the third highest in South Africa amongst the other larger Internet Service Providers.

RSAWEB, previously 8th on this list a little over 12 months ago, is now the fastest climbing ISP and well on their way to achieving the top spot.

Running from 6am – 12am, RSAWEB also have the longest support hours in the country, which is backed by their skilled and dedicated team of support experts.

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Company culture

RSAWEB consider customer experience as one of their core values.

Each and every staff member from all departments go out of their way to ensure that their customers get the best solutions, products, and services – all with quick turn-around times, incredible value and affordable prices.

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Understanding the customer

Part of offering the best customer service around is understanding the needs of your customers, and remining conscious of the fact that the current economic circumstances are still affecting them.

RSAWEB have kept this front of mind and have absorbed costs wherever possible, and have even created specials to lighten to the load for their customers – so much so that their latest Fibre internet special offers customers the lowest fibre prices on the Octotel fibre network in the country, as well as various Vumatel and Openserve fibre packages.

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The fastest, most reliable ISP Around

RSAWEB offer the fastest overall speeds in the country.

According to a Comparative Speed Test conducted by MyBroadband, RSAWEB topped the charts by recording the highest download speed at 995Mbps.

They also provide low latency and reliable connectivity – with an uptime guarantee of 95%.

This proves extremely beneficial for customers looking to fulfil a range of needs:

  • For people working from home, their uptime guarantees and stable speeds can help up productivity and make working from home as seamless and easy as working from the office.
  • Their low latency makes gaming a breeze for customers trying to let their hair down and level-up their online experiences.
  • RSAWEB’s lightning-fast speeds make streaming your favourite movies and series in HD a reality, and make listening to crisp music while you work, cook, or simply relax an everyday occurrence – without annoying buffering issues.

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Innovative products and services

RSAWEB constantly strive to be the most innovative ISP in the country, and do this by providing life-changing solutions that positively impact the lives of their customers.

Two examples of these offerings include the RSAWEB-pioneered mini-UPS device that keeps you connected during loadshedding.

The other innovative offering is their VoIP solution that enables customers to ditch their old, low-quality copper-reliant home phones and opt for a crystal-clear and reliable VoIP phone that runs over their fibre internet line instead.

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Lowest fibre prices in the country

RSAWEB have made fibre more affordable than ever before, offering the lowest prices on the Octotel fibre packages in the country – with fast download speeds of up to 35Mbps going for only R645 per month.

RSAWEB also provide the most competitive and affordable prices on larger packages on both Openserve’s and Vumatel’s networks; namely Openserve’s 100Mbps/50Mbps and 200Mbps/100Mbps packages, and Vuma’s 1Gbps/200Mbps and 1Gbps/500Mbps packages.

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Incredible value and savings worth over R8,000

Another way that RSAWEB look after their customers is by absorbing costs wherever they can and creating savings that make getting connected with one of their amazing fibre packages extremely affordable.

When you order fibre with RSAWEB, you will get a further saving of over R8,000, this includes:

  • Free installation and connection.
  • Free-to-use premium WiFi router valued at R650.
  • Free LTE SIM with 1GB of mobile data each month.
  • A free one-hour WiFi assessment where they correctly set your WiFi up for you, or even fix it and ensure you are receiving strong WiFi signals around your home.
  • Save R500 when you sign up before your area is live.
  • Save up to R2,500 by referring your friends.
  • Save R1000 when you switch from your current ISP to RSAWEB.

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Incredible fibre promotions

RSAWEB are also always creating and running amazing specials to help their new and existing customers save money or receive upgraded services.

Here are the specials RSAWEB are currently running:

  • Octotel Fibre Price Cuts: Save up to R150 per month on selected Octotel packages. Prices start from R495 p/m.
  • Openserve Fibre Price Cuts: Save up to R400 per month on selected Openserve packages. Prices start from R495 p/m.
  • Vumatel Price Cuts: Save up to R200 per month on selected Vumatel packages. Prices start from R675 p/m.
  • Load-Shedding Deal: Get a Free Mini UPS to the value of R1,800 that will power your router and keep you online during load-shedding, available on selected packages only.
  • MetroFibre Double The Speed: When you get connected with RSAWEB fibre in selected MetroFibre areas, you will get more than double the speed for free on all packages.
  • Evotel Double The Speed In Welkom: Welkom residents get double the speed on any 5 – 100Mbps packages for free.

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The best fibre internet service provider in the country