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Hikvision E1000 PCIe SSD – Awesome storage for your PC build

Storage is a key part of building a powerful computer that can serve all your needs – no matter what you plan to use the computer for.

This is why Hikvision offers its E1000 PCIe SSD, which offers lightning-fast storage and extreme reliability.

This makes it a great choice for gamers, multimedia users, and professionals.

Great speeds

When in the market for an SSD, perhaps the most important feature is its read and write speeds.

The Hikvision E1000 obliges with impressive speeds of 2,100MBps and 1,800MBps respectively.

This is enabled by the drive’s PCIe Gen 3 x 4 technology, and means you can transfer large files in mere seconds, with these speeds translating to both reading and writing a 100GB folder in under a minute.

The impressive speeds offered by the Hikvision E1000 will also drastically slash your loading times while playing games.

Our tests found that unlike many other storage devices on the market, the Hikvision E1000 is capable of maintaining its high transfer speeds over significant periods of transfer time.

Many competitors offer high speeds briefly, but this performance quickly degrades, whereas Hikvision’s E1000 is capable of maintaining impressive read and write speeds throughout file transfer processes.


The Hikvision E1000 PCIe SSD unit we tested had a capacity of 1TB.

This will prove more than sufficient for most users as a primary drive that offers both speed and extensive storage capacity.

It is also available locally in a 512GB configuration for those who do not require the full 1TB of storage space.

The Hikvision E1000 is available from the following stores:

Images of the Hikvision E1000 can be viewed below.

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Hikvision E1000 PCIe SSD – Awesome storage for your PC build