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Hubble Lithium – Innovative power storage with cloud monitoring

South Africa faces a major electricity crisis, which is why many are looking for tools and systems that reduce their reliance on the national grid.

Whether you are going completely off the grid, or are looking for a backup power option for either your solar or non-solar electricity system, you need effective energy storage solutions to guarantee a continuous electricity supply.

Proudly South African company Hubble Lithium delivers on this need through its innovative Lithium batteries, as well as Riot Cloudlink, which is an IoT device that works with over 45 inverters to provide seamless remote monitoring of Hubble Lithium’s batteries.

Hubble Lithium has a presence and offers distribution across Cape Town, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Kimberly, which helps installers across the country access support easily.

Hubble Lithium has a team of highly-skilled engineers who continuously work to bring groundbreaking products like Riot Cloudlink and new batteries to the local market.

Riot Cloudlink

Riot Cloudlink sets Hubble’s Lithium batteries apart by making it easy to monitor your X and AM series batteries from anywhere and at any time.

Riot Cloudlink was designed and engineered by Hubble Lithium’s R&D department to send all battery and inverter data to the cloud – meaning you can remotely monitor your power system.

This optional add-on works with over 45 inverters to monitor your Hubble Lithium batteries remotely – making it ideal across domestic, commercial, and industrial power storage.

You monitor your devices through 3G or Wi-Fi and make adjustments to them through an online portal, which lets you pick up issues faster while reducing call-out costs.

Additionally, Riot Cloudlink has its own AI-powered CAN Bus system that integrates five protocols and determines the best one for your inverter.

Below, you will learn more about the three battery series Hubble Lithium has on offer.

AM Series

The AM (Any Mount) Series provides batteries with a range of functionality.

You can choose to either rack mount this battery in a server cabinet, or wall mount it – and it comes in three models, all of which are 1C rated.

The series also boasts additional features including internal fire suppression, and supports Riot Cloudlink.

S Series

The S Series includes standalone batteries that are cost effective and can be used as a drop-in lead acid battery replacement.

Up to 15 of these batteries can be linked in parallel, or up to four can be linked in series.

X Series

The X Series is a rack-mounted battery that fits standard server racks with a form factor that makes it easy to build high-density configurations.

There are two models available, both of which support Riot Cloudlink.

Both of these batteries have a 1C rating, and up to 15 of them can be connected in parallel per string.

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Hubble Lithium – Innovative power storage with cloud monitoring