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Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV – The biggest TV coming to you

Hisense South Africa has launched its 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV, offering the biggest screen from the company to date and a true home-cinema experience.

The Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV gives you and your family an amazing viewing experience thanks to the enormous screen that will transform your living room into your personal movie theatre.

To put this display into context, its 120-inch diagonal measurement translates to about three metres!

This means that the picture size will dwarf your current TV, and will provide a viewing experience like no other.

Ultimate home theatre experience

Hisense uses several powerful technologies, including X-Fusion and DLP Theatre Technology, to provide breathtaking image quality and realistic colours in 4K quality on this TVs massive 120-inch scale.

This means you can watch your favourite movies in the stunning size and quality you would usually only get when you visit a local cinema.

As Laser TVs reflect the image off their display rather than transmitting it straight to your eyes, this also allows you to watch your favourite shows and movies for hours on end on this huge TV without worrying about hurting your eyes.

Such a large TV must be coupled by an equally impressive audio system, and the Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV doesn’t disappoint.

It supports Dolby Atmos sound which transports you into the moment you are watching with a truly immersive experience.

This stunning sound quality combines with the remarkable 120-inch viewing experience to build a complete home theatre that will make your home the obvious destination for movie nights and sports matches.

This TV also has 1ms response times which make it perfect for playing your favourite video games, while its VIDAA U4.0 smart operating system makes it easy to access the best content from a variety of media apps.

Invest in your future

Hisense know its 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV will be a long-term investment for owners who are looking for a massive TV, which is why it gives you a 4-year warranty and guarantees over 25,000 hours of entertainment.

This means you can relax knowing that you will have years of cinematic viewing pleasure ahead on this enormous display.

You also get free delivery and installation – taking the stress of set-up off your plate.

The Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV is now available from the following retailers:

  • HiFi Corporation
  • Hirschs
  • House and Home
  • Tafelberg Furnishers
  • Takealot
  • Kloppers
  • Makro
  • Game
  • Rectron
  • Esquire
  • Atlas
  • Masons
  • Metro Home City
  • Nictus

Click here to learn more about the Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV.

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Hisense 120-inch 4K Smart Laser TV – The biggest TV coming to you