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ArcSight Intelligence – Detect security threats before they become a problem

Cybersecurity is a massive challenge for organizations across South Africa.

There is a growing shortage of skilled security resources as the volume and variety of cyber threats increase.

The cost of deploying an army of engineers across multiple tools means that these organizations are only doing the bare minimum to secure their data.

What these organisations need, whether with small or large IT teams, is a holistic approach to security and compliance which compliments their existing investments by consolidating security information so that it can surface security alerts which have a high probability to be threats.

Security Analysts can now be confident that they are focused on investigating the highest priority alerts with an intuitive user interface that improves threat investigation and reduces time to mitigate risk early in the lifecycle.

ArcSight Intelligence

ArcSight Intelligence is a comprehensive platform, powered by un-supervised Machine Learning (ML), to discover malicious events and actors by monitoring security events throughout the organization.

It continuously monitors and assesses billions of security events to determine when accounts, identities, or entities deviate from fair and normal actions leveraging it’s out of the box ML models to rank the risk contextually.

The way this platform does this is by uniquely profiling past actions across entities and identities within the organization and presents the information mapped to MITRE attack techniques and tactics which is a widely accepted threat attack framework.

Once the system has detected anomalous activity, it will assign risk scores to each activity and cumulatively develop a risk profile for that entity across all the activities which would then be presented in a sorted manner for the analyst to see the riskiest entities on the top

When the analyst starts investigating the entity, they have a trail of activities sorted by time or risk to build a contextual awareness in the context of the sequence of MITRE attack techniques used to assist in decision making on whether the activity is benign or malicious.

Unlike a plethora of security tools that offer a siloed approach to either user behavior or detecting security alerts, ArcSight Intelligence provides a converged platform which provides user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) in the context of security needs.

This organization-wide approach means the solution can enable pro-active threat hunting in a non-disruptive manner leveraging your existing security tools investment without the need for defining rules to detect early malicious activity that could lead to a threat.

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Risk profiled within this platform compliments your Zero Trust efforts within your Identity & Access management framework.

Unlike traditional multi-factor solutions which mandates additional authentication irrespective of the risk associated with that request, this approach leverages the profiled risk score for each user or entity to enable the right level of risk-based authentication without creating human bias between network or privilege users.

Two different users operating in two different environments, for the same application access, may have different factors to authenticate based on the contextual risk that each access generates, and the risk score thresholds defined by their risk profile.

It not only enforces the Zero Trust philosophy but complements your compliance (POPIA / GDPR) goals.

For a limited time, Secured IT in partnership with CyberRes, a MicroFocus business unit, is offering a free security assessment in which you will be required to complete a set of questions online about your current environment.

Zero Trust SME would then evaluate your responses to provide a report outlining your current Zero Trust capabilities and gaps that could help you enable Cyber Resilience

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ArcSight Intelligence – Detect security threats before they become a problem