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South Africa-based gaming enthusiasts are putting their trust in a leading global peripheral manufacturer to give them an edge in the increasingly competitive online gaming world.

Enthusiasts of first-person “shooters” like Call of Duty and free-to-play “Battle Royale” game, Fortnite, are painfully aware of the external factors that can limit their gaming successes.

“If you give an online gamer three wishes, they will most likely ask for a top-of-the-line gaming machine; a bullet-proof internet connection with high bandwidth and low latency; and the best gaming peripherals to optimise their experience,” says Rapoo South Africa Country Manager, Rob Anderson.

The first two choices are fairly obvious, given that gamers must interact with online competitors in an often high resolution virtual world in real-time.

The more computer processing power at their disposal, and the quicker and more stable their internet connection is, the more seamless their gaming experience will be.

“Game peripheral devices such as your mouse, keyboard and headphones are a less obvious wish; but prove to be equally important to your overall gaming experience,” says Anderson.

He points out that a top-level gamer cannot afford to run into issues with their keyboard or mouse during fast-paced game play.

The frenetic pace of these online game environments is illustrated by the real-time strategy game, StarCraft.

Top gamers will use a combination of mouse and keyboard inputs to send an average of 400 actions per minute to the game server, often over periods of hours.

And the world’s best has reportedly achieved more than 10 instructions per second, or 800 APMs, in brief spurts.

Your run-of-the-mill ‘only plays on Sundays’ gamer will perform far fewer actions but may as well benefit from game-optimised input devices too.

“The growing need for seamless device to PC transmission explains why our Rapoo V range is fast proving itself as the ‘go to’ choice for both top-level and fun gamers,” says Anderson.

South Africa-based gamers can now shop for the Rapoo V line at their leisure, with the professional keyboard, mouse and headphone offering now available online from Loot, Takealot and Wootware. And the brand is about to be added to the Incredible Connection product line-up too.

Rapoo, which is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of peripheral input devices, has taken the South African market by storm, enjoying incredible retail support through 2020 and H1 2021.

Anderson attributes the growing popularity of the brand to its quality and pricing ‘edge’ that comes with manufacturing at scale… Other pluses include easy online access and an obsessive focus on keeping the popular product lines in stock.

“Gamers who do not use the best equipment are always a few steps behind in their favourite online game,” concludes Anderson.

“Those who use the Rapoo V range can enter the virtual world safe in the knowledge that their virtual aim will be true; that their frantic keyboard instructions will be transmitted without a hitch; and that their fellow gamers will hear their cheers when they end the game as the last man or woman standing.”

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