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This new technique to earn passive income every South African should know about

Many South African investors have become frustrated with the low returns and complicated procedures associated with traditional investments.

These investors are therefore turning to cryptocurrency as a lucrative and decentralised alternative.

While purchasing cryptocurrencies that you expect to rise in value can be very beneficial, you can also make money through cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage involves buying cryptocurrency on cheaper markets, and then selling it on more expensive markets.

This is possible because certain countries – including South Africa – having exchange controls that make it more costly to purchase these internationally-traded cryptocurrencies.

By purchasing cryptocurrency on cheaper markets – such as those in the US – you can then resell it on local markets for a fast profit.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage with OVEX

Leading cryptocurrency investment platform OVEX makes cryptocurrency arbitrage easy thanks to its simple yet comprehensive online platform.

OVEX uses the TUSD stablecoin as its arbitrage cryptocurrency and allows users to buy and sell TUSD instantly for a guaranteed profit.

“When the client buys USD from their bank to send overseas they are able to – at the exact same time – sell TUSD for a profit via the OVEX OTC (Over-The-Counter) desk, which will extend the client a credit line,” explained OVEX founder Jon Ovadia.

You are guaranteed no trading losses, and OVEX only charges a 1% fixed spread on all trades.

Begin your cryptocurrency arbitrage journey

OVEX is trusted by thousands of South Africans across its cryptocurrency arbitrage services, OTC trading desk, and cryptocurrency interest accounts.

Many OVEX investors are making over R200,000 per year, so if you are looking for a great way to invest your money, look no further than OVEX.

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This new technique to earn passive income every South African should know about