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Why your business needs FTTB – and why FTTH isn’t good enough

Historically, businesses had to rely on multiple ADSL lines with high contention ratios, or low-speed Diginet lines.

These copper lines would often get stolen or performance would deteriorate with time – which is why it is so great that we have the luxury of fibre to the business (FTTB) from service providers like Amobia today.

South Africa’s rollout of fibre technology has accelerated in recent years and it is now a must have for homes and businesses.

Why your business needs FTTB

Most business services, including video conferencing, streaming, VOIP calls, cloud storage and back-up as well as many software platforms, are dependent on a quality internet connection.

Access and investment into a stable, fast, low-latency link at your business is therefore essential to productivity and scalability and is without a doubt an asset to any organisation.

Most Fibre Network Operators (FNOs) have a 1:10 contention ratio and a ‘best effort’ service level on their fibre to the home (FTTH) products resulting in longer turnaround times during unplanned outages.

This is not sufficient for most businesses in a world where we need to be online 24/7.

FTTB services are what these businesses require, as they offer a 99% uptime guarantee and incur a penalty if this is not upheld, giving the user peace of mind in terms of service availability – provided you choose the correct FTTB service.

The right FTTB service must come from an FNO and an ISP that can deliver a quality link, provide excellent after sales service, and offer a competitive price.

Service is key in this equation, as it is crucial that you can access help if your internet link goes down, receive insight from knowledgeable support teams, and scale your product when your business expands.

Good FTTB services also come with Servcice Level Agreements (SLA) and redundancy options because they are more than just “best effort” solutions, and because FTTB is an uncontended service, your solution should offer 1:1 contention on service speeds from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps.

FTTB from Amobia

All of Amobia’s fibre and wireless services for home and business are unshaped, unthrottled and uncapped, allowing the user to get the most out of their online experience.

Amobia, along with various FNO partners, have collaborated to build a range of cost-effective, reliable, service-orientated products that can be delivered nationally.

Amobia has a national team of field technicians as well as a 24/7/365 manned call centre to ensure our customers are receiving the quality service they have come to know and expect.

Amobia can also offer redundant links via its own wireless network ensuring your business never experiences downtime, as well as last mile links between companies and buildings which may require onsite distribution or transfer of data.

Amobia has proudly serviced its customer base for the last 18 years and look forward to assessing your businesses needs to determine the best solution for you.

FTTB promotions are currently running from as little as R3,999 p/m (previously R4,999p/m) for a dedicated 100/100 mbps line (coverage dependent).

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Why your business needs FTTB – and why FTTH isn’t good enough