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Altron and Huawei Cloud – The perfect partnership

Altron Systems Integration, a subsidiary of JSE-listed technology company Altron, is focused on developing cloud-native solutions for its customers that are supported in multi, hybrid, private, and hyper-scale environments.

Altron Systems Integration also supports its customers in their cloud journey through workload placement strategies which includes cloud migration and integration, security cost management, and cloud exit strategies.

The Altron Systems Integration cloud strategy is driven by their experience in data and analytics, application development, security, infrastructure, and operations – which equips the company to assist their customers in placing the correct workloads in the correct architectures

Its well-defined strategy also offers managed services, so that customers’ workloads are always monitored and optimised.

Altron and Huawei – An amazing partnership

One of Altron’s cloud partners is Huawei and it believes their infrastructure-only Huawei Public Cloud complements its systems integration services to create an amazing full-stack offering.

Huawei Public Cloud has a strong presence and brand within the South African public sector, and it also provides Altron the opportunity to grow into the rest of Africa, given Huawei’s extensive footprint across the continent.

Our core capabilities and Altron’s 2.0 strategy, coupled with the Huawei Cloud business model creates a hand-in-glove relationship,” said Vaughn Naidoo, Chief Digital and Technical Officer, Altron Systems Integration.

How Huawei Cloud solves organisational challenges

According to Altron’s research, there are several key challenges facing South African organisations who are beginning their cloud journeys.

Security continues to be one of the greatest challenges faced by South African businesses, particularly as remote and hybrid working have become the new normal.

Migrations also often pose major problems for organisations in terms of the time they take as well as how much they end up going over budget.

These organisations usually need to balance these challenges while simultaneously modernising their applications and developing cloud skills – all while using the well-known ‘Lift and Shift’ model.

With Huawei Cloud, this process ultimately results in architectures that are scalable, agile, affordable, and offer high performance within a hybrid working environment.

“Huawei Cloud is focused on creating a sustainable ecosystem, focusing on strategic collaborations with leaders in the ICT space. We are proud to be building this digital economy, enabling organisations as they journey to the cloud,” said Stone He, President Huawei Cloud, Southern Africa.

He added: “With local data centres, we offer a reliable and safe platform with reduced latency. All our data centres also comply with Tier 3+ standards, which ensure superior service and security, while Altron’s experience in data and analytics, application development, security, infrastructure, and operations practices will guide your business through the process in an optimal and cost-effective manner.”

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Altron and Huawei Cloud – The perfect partnership