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How Codehesion rapidly grew its client base

Codehesion is South Africa’s premier smartphone app development company and is well-known for delivering world-class mobile apps to local businesses.

Codehesion has a long list of successful projects, including the HOMii Lifestyle App, the Midstream App, the Peermont Winners Circle App, and the Nology Stack Portal.

It has an excellent reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget and had the capacity to serve more clients.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers looked for a way to let South African companies know about their offering and excellent service levels.

He opted for a simple marketing strategy, using sponsored content and social media promotions.

  • Sponsored articles – Codehesion published sponsored content on South Africa’s top tech and business publications, including MyBroadband and BusinessTech.
  • Social media promotions – These sponsored articles were promoted on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

This marketing strategy worked incredibly well. Over the past year, this strategy sent over 14,000 people to the Codehesion website, which resulted in millions in business.

It also received many backlinks to its website, which increased its SEO and resulted in over 3,000 visits from organic Google search traffic.

The image below provides an overview of the success of Codehesion’s content marketing strategy over the past 12 months.

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How Codehesion rapidly grew its client base