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Smart Satellite Solutions – Keeping People Moving

Smart Satellite services are increasingly delivering real-world solutions that are saving businesses time, money and hassle through providing failsafe communications solutions.

Q-KON, using their satellite broadband product Twoobii, has recently completed a project with Gijima for a petroleum industry client which was seeking to enhance their business systems and customer experience.

Facilitating business operations and customer experiences

In a nutshell, the requirement was for trusted, reliable, always-on communication across a network of some 340 petrol station sites.

Each site features point of sale (POS) services, a convenience store and guest Wi-Fi connectivity, in addition to the core business of selling fuel.

Internet connectivity is vital in this scenario as the client’s petrol stations depend on cloud-based apps for mission-critical functions such as POS and stock management.

Internet connectivity, provided by Twoobii’s satellite broadband, is vital as the client’s petrol stations depend on cloud-based apps.

Always-on connectivity facilitates technical support to remote locations, whilst enabling petrol stations to offer complementary Wi-Fi to motorists as a value-add and point of differentiation between competing brands.

Network solution

For this application, Gijima defined a SD-WAN network architecture, based on the Fortinet technology solution with LTE as the network access layer to the 340 customer business locations.

Across the locations covered by this project, signal strength varied considerably. While some sites had generally good LTE connectivity, others had slower LTE or suffered from poor signal strength. In total, around 10% of sites lacked reliable LTE services.

Q-KON’s Twoobii-on-Flex solution has the flexibility to accommodate both scenarios. Where LTE provision was generally good, it was used to provide backup links.

Where LTE was absent or unreliable, Twoobii-on-Flex provides Layer-2 connectivity and seamless compatibility with the SD-WAN technology platform for easy network integration. This makes it an elegant solution to legacy connectivity issues.

In addition to site-specific solutions, Twoobii-on-Flex offers sufficient capacity and bandwidth to be deployed as a network-wide backup solution.

Whilst this was not a requirement on this project, the Twoobii solutions portfolio includes total backups that are entirely independent of potentially vulnerable terrestrial infrastructure.

“This project clearly shows the value proposition offered by new Smart Satellite Services such as Twoobii-on-Flex,” commented Dawie de Wet, Group CEO of Q-KON and Chief Engineer for Twoobii.

Q-KON, using their satellite broadband product Twoobii, has recently completed a project with Gijima for a petroleum industry client.

“The combination of Layer-2, direct core integration at Teraco and advanced quality-of-service options enable seamless integration with LTE to deliver unprecedented reliability. With Twoobii-on-Flex, both businesses and customers can be confident of having their needs met,” he added.

Building a solution, layer by layer

Twoobii’s flexible offering includes giving customers the choice between implementing either Layer-2 or Layer-3 networks when they deploy SD-WAN solutions.

The key difference relates to the nature of the network: whereas Layer-2 uses private networks, Layer-3 (as chosen by Gijima) is fully Internet-based. Private networks lack direct Internet access – rather, they terminate in the customer’s private WAN equipment.

Twoobii – a first-choice partner

With less than two weeks available in which to complete the sites, time pressure was a significant factor in this project. Twoobii’s responsiveness and commitment to finding the perfect solution to meet Gijima’s needs was demonstrated by the delivery of two proof-of-concept (POC) sites.

This provided Gijima with the chance to test the equipment in real-time and gave them sufficient confidence in Twoobii’s solution to deploy it across all their sites on conclusion of the experimental phase.

The combination of enterprise-grade service and the ability to meet the required price point tipped the balance in favour of Q-KON, as did their proven ability to deliver against very tight deadlines.

Smart Satellite services like Twoobii are delivering real-world solutions saving businesses time, money and hassle through providing failsafe communication.

Proven benefits

The successful outcome of this project once again demonstrated the benefits and advantages of Smart Satellite solutions such as Twoobii-on-Flex:

  • Seamless integration with the core to facilitate end-to-end network management by Gijima;
  • High availability – 99.5% uptime thanks to independence from mains power supplies;
  • Anywhere deployment and connectivity; and
  • Rapid implementation for on-time project delivery.

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Twoobii is a high-throughput satellite connectivity service, powered by the latest Intelsat platforms and managed by leading satellite engineering enterprise, Q-KON.

Twoobii was established in 2018 and has remained at the forefront of African satellite connectivity solutions ever since, by pioneering advances in satellite business broadband technology either as a standalone service or as a component of integrated network architecture solutions.

Q-KON is a 1st tier provider of integrated access services, specialising in turnkey telecommunication solutions and value-added distribution, configuration, integration and installation services for Africa.

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Smart Satellite Solutions – Keeping People Moving