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The Gautrain is #MovedByYou

About the #MovedByYou campaign

As a country, South Africans have continued to persevere through some incredibly tough times. In spite of the ongoing challenges posed by Covid-19, business shutdowns, gender-based violence, protests and civil unrest, the South African spirit of perseverance and innovation still prevails.

The Gautrain salutes all South Africans for their continued resilience and fortitude.

The Gautrain’s #MovedByYou campaign is not just a reminder of our resilience as a nation, but it is also a message of hope and encouragement to South Africans to keep moving, no matter what the circumstances are.

“It is very important for us to celebrate South Africans, especially during these difficult times, and to remind all South Africans of what may be possible when we harness our collective strength and work together as a nation. This is essentially the messaging we want to convey,” says Kesagee Nayager, marketing and communications executive at the Bombela Concession Company.

Even in times of great difficulty, the Gautrain has continued to keep people on the move. Its priority is providing an integrated transport service that is safe and reliable.

Through the #MovedByYou campaign, the Gautrain celebrates each and every South African for their tenacity, courage and never-say-die spirit. Nayager notes that the campaign’s underlying message is that the

Gautrain keeps going because its customers never stop moving, no matter what challenges come their way.

In a country often beset by trouble, South Africa’s people continue to raise the bar and excel on the local and international stages. These include our everyday heroes and heroines who work tirelessly for positive change. The Gautrain salutes you.

So, what keeps you moving? Join the conversation on the Gautrain social media pages and be part of the #MovedByYou movement.

About the Bombela Concession Company

In 2006, the Bombela Concession Company was appointed by the Gauteng Provincial Government to design, build, operate, maintain and partially finance the Gautrain project.

The Bombela Concession Company, together with its operator, the Bombela Operating Company, strives to deliver a safe, clean and reliable integrated public transport system – the Gautrain.

The Gautrain commenced operations in 2010 and, with an average punctuality rate of 98.4%, it is today regarded as one of the most reliable passenger train services in the world – an achievement that South Africans can be exceptionally proud of.

Travelling at a maximum of 160km/h, the Gautrain connects Hatfield Station with Johannesburg Park Station in approximately 42 minutes, and Sandton Station with OR Tambo International Airport in
less than 15 minutes.

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The Gautrain is #MovedByYou