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Chrome Browser Cloud Management ‘the new way to work’

Chrome Browser Cloud Management is the ideal solution for organisations with distributed workforces that need to simplify security and browser management, while also improving user experience and streamlining operations.

This is according to Nick Treurnicht, Customer Engineer for Google Workspace at DigiCloud Africa, Google’s enablement partner in Africa. Digicloud Africa is the sole distributor in Africa for Google products; Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, and is now also licensed to sell Chrome Products.

Treurnicht says the browser sits at the heart of remote workforce management and user experience: “Many organisations are still using outdated legacy browsers – and sometimes multiple versions of an outdated browser.

But as the world moves closer to doing everything via a browser, it becomes harder for organisations to manage these estates.

It is important for them to update to the most efficient browser, which supports security, productivity and management and is ideal for the distributed and hybrid workforce.

Challenged to provide a remote working experience without physical access to the user, device or network, many IT departments are turning to Chrome Browser Cloud Management to keep business running.”

Google’s Chrome Browser Cloud Management provides the browser on any device organisations need for cloud-enabled workforces.

Chrome is made for the cloud, and the Chrome browser is the most secure browser in the world, with a fast growing range of features and extensions for management and productivity.

According to Treunicht when an organisation has staff connecting from a variety of offices and Wi-Fi hotspots, the organisation loses control of the network users are connected to, which opens a security loophole.

With Google’s Chrome Browser Cloud Management, the browser itself is secure so it doesn’t matter how users connect, or whether they are using a Mac, Linux or Windows endpoint.

If a device breaks down or is lost, users can simply log on with another device and access their same Chrome Browser and cloud data, with synched bookmarks and passwords – and even the same browser tabs they had open before the device was lost or stolen.

For companies striving to break down data-silos and improve collaboration and productivity, Google’s Chrome Browser Cloud Management shines, says Treurnicht.

With built-in productivity tools, a vast library of extensions for any business need, security built in from the ground up, and Google’s search capability, Chrome Browser Cloud Management makes work simpler and more intuitive.

For IT, it delivers easy, centralised management with enhanced security and visibility.

It allows IT to give users one browser with all the functionality they need, controlling which extensions they install and which you install for them, and it makes management far simpler and more secure.

You are able to enroll all of your organisations Chrome Browsers easily and remotely.

You can configure update settings and reporting of these connected Chrome Browsers through a central control panel.  Users don’t even have to sign into the Chrome Browser itself.

Treurnicht says Google Chrome Browser Cloud Management is the new way to work, making older systems look primitive: “Innovators and startups have been quick to embrace this new way of working, and are seeing the benefits.”

“Older, larger enterprises, dragging 50 years of legacy infrastructure behind them are slower to turn, but are coming to see the efficiency and cost benefits of a fully Google cloud-based infrastructure.”

Google’s Chrome Browser Cloud Management is free, with Enterprise support priced at a nominal fee per user.

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Chrome Browser Cloud Management ‘the new way to work’