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Make a passive income with Altcointrader and Bitmart

Since the lockdown started, the South African economy has been under severe strain.

Trading and mining cryptocurrencies through platforms like Altcointrader have proven to be very lucrative during the pandemic – where work got scarce and many lost the breadwinners in their family.

Altcointrader was established in 2015 and offers the widest variety of cryptocurrencies in South Africa.

The newest addition to the Altcointrader platform is their savings wallet, which lets you buy or mine cryptocurrency and deposit it into your Yield Wallet to earn passive income on your holdings.

Bitmart has now partnered with Altcointrader to bring you even more value.

About Bitmart

Bitmart was established by Jacques Serfontein in December 2015 has served over 13,000 South Africans as their cryptocurrency hardware supplier of choice.

It specialize in the building and supply of GPU Mining Rigs and the supply of hardware wallets such as Ledger, Keepkey, and Trezor.

Cryptocurrency mining is a valuable service because while buying and trading cryptocurrency is simple and lucrative, you can make even more money if you mine it yourself.

Unlock Additional benefits by buying your mining hardware through a business means you even get to depreciate the hardware over 3 years which is a tax deductible expense.

Bitmart’s mining rigs are plug-and-play, meaning the set-up process is a breeze.

Special deal

To help out the cryptocurrency community, Altcointrader and Bitmart is offering a great deal: if you buy a mining rig through Bitmart, you get a R5,000 discount on any new machine purchased using the coupon code ACT5000 on checkout.

The only requirement is that you must mine to your Altcointrader account and link this to your Bitmart code.

The process is as follows

  1. Create a new account or link your existing Altcointrader account to the Bitmart code by clicking here and logging into your Altcointrader account.
  2. Take a screenshot of your Altcointrader Bitcoin or Ethereum Wallet Address.
  3. Go to and order your Miner of choice.
  4. On Checkout use the Coupon Code ACT5000 to get a R5,000 discount on your order.
  5. Email a screenshot of your Altcoin Trader ETH or BTC Wallet and mine to your Altcointrader wallet – you will even stand a chance to win monthly prizes.
  6. For maximum returns deposit the earnings your machine makes to your Altcointrader Yield wallet for up to 10% Yield per Annum on some coins.

If you’re unsure about whether cryptocurrency mining is profitable, check out the below summary that details actual figures for mining hardware worth R504,000 – from 3 March 2018 until 10 August 2021.

With Risk mitigation like insuring your hardware, surge protection plugs, backup internet & an uninterrupted power supply you can avoid most of the reduction in mining losses shown below.

Earn a passive income

Start earning a passive income in South Africa while supporting South African based businesses like Bitmart and Altcointrader.

With their experience and brilliant reputation in the South African cryptocurrency market, Altcointrader and Bitmart will ensure you have an awesome crypto experience.

Contact Bitmart if you have any queries.

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Make a passive income with Altcointrader and Bitmart