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Innovo Networks boosts its infrastructure with Huawei Cloud

Innovo Networks is a leading Communications Service Provider that offers superior client service experiences for both client and partner organisations.

It was founded by Damian Michael, who has a wealth of experience across both the public and private sectors – including working at Vodacom and MTN, as well as launching Neotel locally.

Michael founded Innovo Networks to offer South African businesses communications solutions and services that are premised upon a world-class, secure, and resilient infrastructure – delivered according to global best practices.

As a result, it partners with the world’s leading technology vendors, including Huawei, Fortinet, and Dell.

Transforming its infrastructure

The continued success of Innovo Networks has presented the company with a challenge, however – its legacy infrastructure could no longer support the demands of its growing business.

It also lacked the visibility required to maintain reliable application performance and wanted a contact centre solution that provided an omni-channel experience.

Innovo Networks therefore chose Huawei to transform its outdated, mixed technology network into a managed Huawei Cloud solution that used intelligent software and routing control.

This solution uses cloud servers, load balancing, and backup technologies to provide a flexible and powerful infrastructure upon which Innovo Networks is planning major growth.

How Huawei Cloud helped

Huawei’s market-defining Cloud product was key to the digital transformation of Innovo Networks’ infrastructure.

Huawei Cloud facilitated software deployment and configuration in a way that was fast and effective, while also helping Innovo Networks to control its costs through the effective use of scalable cloud network resources.

Andre Engelbrecht, Huawei CLOUD Channel Manager for the Western Cape was on board to ensure the transition for Innovo was smooth and hassle free.

“Innovo Networks has shown dedication and drive to migrating to a cloud system that would place them in a position to enjoy seamless integration. Our partnership with them will be a key contributor to growing the Huawei Cloud footprint in the WC.

“Our main purpose and goal was to identify key cloud partners in the region and build a collaboration with them that would support them, ensuring that they have the sales and technical capabilities. By arming our partners with the tools and knowledge – we can ensure that we create an ecosystem of success,” said Engelbrecht.

Another great feature of Innovo Networks’ new Huawei Cloud-based infrastructure is that it boasts massively improved performance.

This is thanks to the automatic traffic routing functionality provided on the Huawei Cloud platform, which determines the requirements of different applications to automatically prioritise bandwidth.

This solution also takes network quality into account when deciding how to route traffic – with real-time processes being prioritized on the most stable and reliable network connections.

Additionally, Huawei Cloud made it easy for Innovo Networks to develop an omni-channel contact centre that provides elite service to customers across numerous platforms.

All of these features and tools have supported major business growth at Innovo Networks and with Huawei Cloud providing an uptime of 99%, Innovo Networks continues to be the popular choice in its industry.

Transform your business with Huawei Cloud

If you want to leverage the extensive benefits that businesses like Innovo Networks are already experiencing, Huawei Cloud can make this a reality.

Huawei Cloud is perfect for businesses across any industry and vertical, as it offers flexible solutions that will cater to your needs.

Contact Huawei to learn more.

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Innovo Networks boosts its infrastructure with Huawei Cloud