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Huawei and China Telecom – The perfect Cloud partners to transform your business

China Telecom has partnered with Huawei to provide an end-to-end Cloud service to South African businesses.

This follows China Telecom seeing demand for Cloud services increase rapidly in South Africa as organisations begin to understand its benefits for their business operations.

“The lockdown due to COVID, the enforcement of the POPIA, and the recent unrest in South Africa showed that the use of Cloud can help enterprises protect their business data and maintain their business operations,” said China Telecom Deputy Director in Africa and Middle East Elson Lee.

Lee believes that Cloud is an unavoidable trend – both locally and globally – as those who adopt Cloud are more agile and competitive than those who do not.

“This is the reason both Huawei and China Telecom are expanding their Cloud and network connectivity resources in South Africa,” said Lee.

China Telecom’s Cloud strategy

China Telecom has its own Cloud resources globally, with over 100 Cloud resource points – including a presence in Johannesburg.

It has also built its Cloud strategy upon collaboration with partners, so that its services can interconnect between different Cloud service providers and offer a one-stop Cloud service to the market.

China Telecom has therefore partnered with Huawei Cloud to leverage Huawei’s large footprint, presence, and resources in South Africa.

“The collaboration with Huawei is a perfect match as Huawei offers the Cloud resource while China Telecom offers the network connectivity and security, enabling both parties to offer one-stop services to the clients in the market.” said Huawei Cloud Executive for Ecosystem Partner Development Lori Zhou.

“We can also divert the Cloud demands from neighbouring Southern African countries into South Africa, thus positioning South Africa as a hub of Cloud services.”

An end-to-end service

The partnership between China Telecom and Huawei makes it easy for clients to get a comprehensive solution that covers all their Cloud needs.

“This will create benefits to all stakeholders, as we are sharing the resources and making the solutions more competitive in areas such as economy of scale and experience sharing,” Lee explained.

As many South African organisations are intimidated by the cost of a Cloud set-up, as well as the migration and initialisation process, the partnership between Huawei and China Telecom also seeks to negate these concerns through superior services.

“We are trying to assist through cost and quality aspects, and assist enterprises in South Africa to adapt to current difficulties and capture future opportunities,” Lee said.

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Huawei and China Telecom – The perfect Cloud partners to transform your business