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Claim your free business Cloud PBX with Ring Mobile

Ring Mobile has built its own Cloud PABX system that offers significant cost savings over the alternatives on the market.

This is because Ring Mobile’s Cloud PABX product is available at no monthly charge – meaning you don’t pay for extension costs, line rentals, hosting fees, and advanced feature charges.

This incredible pricing structure, combined with all the important features you expect of a Cloud PABX product, means Ring Mobile is the obvious choice for your business’s telephony needs.

Easy to get started

Ring Mobile has also automated its sign-up process to the point where you can make your first call in less than 5 minutes.

All you have to do is enter your registration details – the system will create your platform in seconds and assign a temporary/permanent number to your new account.

If you want to keep your existing phone number, you can simply complete the porting process with Ring Mobile and they will assign it to your account to use for calls.

After registration, you will also receive an email with all your account details along with a QR code that you can scan with business partner Zoiper’s mobile app – letting you get started on your brand-new Cloud phone system in minutes.

Why Ring Mobile

Ring Mobile has years of experience in the local tech industry and has grown to understand how to run a telecoms company the right way.

This includes selling products that do not require you to enter into lengthy, binding contracts, or fill out heaps of paperwork.

Instead, the registration process for Ring Mobile takes just a couple minutes on your mobile device, and billing is month-to-month – allowing for ultimate flexibility.

Ring Mobile includes all of the important features you require from a Cloud PABX system, including the ability to view extensive reporting on calls and how the call charges are calculated, allowing you to run your phone solution at optimal levels and ensuring you save money while still getting the benefits of cloud infrastructure.

Ring Mobile also supports mobile app and desktop phone solutions, and there is even the option to use Ring Mobile’s own LTE Desktop VoIP phone. This means you don’t even need an Internet connection to use the Ring Mobile service.

Additionally, because Ring Mobile is a cloud-based service, you can make and receive calls from anywhere in the world – and calls to other Ring Mobile VoIP numbers are free.

Get started with Ring Mobile

Ring Mobile VoIP clients can get the awesome Ring Mobile Cloud PABX solution with no monthly line or rental fee – all you must pay for is your Call Time.

This can be done by loading credits onto the system, with call prices being incredibly affordable.

In fact, Ring Mobile is so confident you will save money through Ring Mobile that it will give any business client R500 if the service does not save them money.

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Claim your free business Cloud PBX with Ring Mobile