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Capitalise on ARUBA’s special offers on UXI F-series and Aruba Central

To help upgrade current customers in the tough economic climate, ARUBA has introduced three offers at unprecedented prices.

“ARUBA has taken shrinking budgets into consideration and brought three great offers to the table that will see customers reaping a number of benefits, while simultaneously receiving a substantial cost reduction,” says Warren Gordon, ARUBA/HPE Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking, local distributors of ARUBA/HPE technology.

Up to 99% discount on UXI F-series sensors

“Customers purchasing either 3-year or 5-year UXI subscriptions (Cloud + LTE) will receive up to 99% discount on F-series sensors.

The AIOps-powered Aruba UXI sensors provide precise insights into user experience and application performance by continuously monitoring and testing the network from a client perspective,” says Gordon.

Purpose-built user experience sensors behave like clients. They connect to wired and wireless networks and perform customised tests, including application (on premise and cloud) and network services,” says Gordon.

Aruba User Experience Insight is vendor-agnostic, which means that the ability to deploy the solution in any network (wired and/or wireless) delivers value for all customers, of any size, in any industry.

In addition, UXI provides a number of additional benefits that include:

  • Ability to efficiently measure the network performance and its shortcomings.
  • Real-time validation of performance and availability of web applications.
  • Correlates and compares application, network and authentication issues, spotting anomalies and reducing escalations.
  • Provides superior baselining, trending, and analytics.
  • Identifies abnormal network behaviour in real-time for quick NOC resolution.

Buy one Switch Foundation Licence and get up to a 99% discount

“To help customers make the transition to Aruba Central, a ‘Buy 1 Switch Foundation license, get 1 licence at up to 99% discount’ promotion is now available on qualifying purchases of Aruba switches.

The offer is applicable to 1-, 3-, and 5-year Central Switch Foundation licences for eligible ArubaOS and Aruba CX switches,” says Andre Kannemeyer, CTO at Duxbury Networking.

Aruba Central includes 24/7 Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) support for managed devices and this offer includes the option to add Next Business Day Exchange or 4-Hour Onsite hardware replacement.

Aruba Central is a cloud-native networking solution that simplifies how IT teams deploy, secure, and manage today’s networks.

“Featuring AI-powered insights, intuitive workflows, and robust security, Aruba Central provides a single pane of glass for wired, wireless, WAN, and VPN operations, so IT departments can spend less time managing networks, and more time delivering value to the business,” says Kannemeyer.

Customers will benefit from:

  • Unified operations: Manage access, aggregation, core, and data centre switches from a single user interface.
  • Improved service delivery: AI-based insights for faster troubleshooting and resolution of network- and business-impacting issues.
  • Simplified change windows: UI-based configs and a versatile multi-editor make it easier to deploy network changes at scale.
  • Extensibility: APIs and webhooks make it easy to integrate with other leading IT tools.
  • Proactive support: Embedded 24×7 TAC software support for Aruba Central and all managed switches.

Cash-back on Aruba Central purchase

“To help existing AirWave customers make the transition to Aruba Central – whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises – an AirWave trade-in promotion is now also available.

Customer must have an active AirWave support contract to be eligible for this offer. The offer is applicable to 1, 3, and 5-year Central Foundation licence terms,” says Kannemeyer.

Gordon says that there at nine compelling reasons to migrate from AirWave to Aruba Central:

  1. Central On-Premises delivers 6x higher device scale than AirWave, while the cloud-hosted version of Central offers virtually unlimited scale.
  2. Single pane of glass and unified management of Aruba Aps and switches greatly simplifies network operations and improves IT efficiency.
  3. Improve performance with a microservices architecture and web-scale design.
  4. Built-in redundancy for continuous operations means no more service disruptions due to server appliance failures.
  5. Aruba AIOps automatically surfaces issues and pinpoints root cause with 95% accuracy, reducing troubleshooting time by up to 90%.
  6. Advanced config options and more intuitive workflows – including a multi-editor for Aruba CX switches – to reduce errors and the likelihood of performance or downtime events.
  7. Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of clients connected to VPNs or Aruba Remote Access Points helps IT keep network issues and employee disruptions to a minimum.
  8. AI-powered device fingerprinting for all devices, including IoT and BYOD, provides IT with better visibility into device usage and behaviour.
  9. A rich library of APIs and webhooks make it easy to create programmable workflows between Aruba Central and other leading IT platforms such as ServiceNow, Ansible, Slack, and more.

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Capitalise on ARUBA’s special offers on UXI F-series and Aruba Central