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Why you need a satellite Internet backup connection

Satellite Internet connections are vital and necessary in South Africa as they offer extreme redundancy should your terrestrial connectivity solution fail.

It is therefore curious that, while many businesses have opted for generators as back-up power for their operations, far fewer have considered backing up their terrestrial connectivity solutions.

If a business loses terrestrial connectivity, this will also bring down its transactional systems, and this would be devastating to that business.

Satellite as an alternative

Thankfully, satellite is a robust, reliable, and trusted technology that is ideal as a backup connectivity source.

It is not affected in any way by terrestrial infrastructure weaknesses that can be caused by anything from battery theft to vandalism and load-shedding.

Satellite is rather an always-on service, which means it is available anywhere in the country, and this makes it the ‘back-up of back-ups’ for business connectivity.

“The recent incidents in July disrupted terrestrial infrastructure and affected businesses, particularly in KZN and Gauteng,” explained Paratus South Africa MD Kallie Carlsen.

“Connectivity outages are not limited events and I believe that every business and household should consider a back-up to terrestrial connectivity because connectivity is the lifeline for everything we do today.”

“Imagine the impact on a retail store – in terms of the financial and reputational damage – if all transactional systems were to be off-line for long periods.”

Carlsen said that this should be sufficient reason for businesses to think about implementing a backup that uses VSAT technology.

VSAT stands for “Very Small Aperture Terminal” and its purpose is to transmit and receive satellite transmissions.

A VSAT comprises a dish antenna, a transceiver (or a combination of BUC and LNB) and a satellite router (modem).

Paratus South Africa

Paratus South Africa is a Tier 1 infrastructure operator that forms part of the Paratus Group – the largest privately owned pan-African network operator.

Paratus South Africa is an independent provider for last-mile connectivity and offers full-spectrum, end-to-end services.

It is a managed service partner that is committed to delivering specialist satellite solutions that bridge any gaps left by traditional terrestrial and radio access networks.

The overarching Paratus Group is one of the biggest VSAT operators in Africa and boasts hubs and gateways in the UK, Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.

Paratus Group owns and operates four satellite ground earth station facilities and provides VSAT services across 28 African countries, with customers ranging from entry level consumers to complex enterprise secure networks.

“Because we are backed by a robust network, we offer a constant, reliable and quality connection,” explained Carlsen.

“We can mitigate lost connections through a range of services and satellite or VSAT technology can come to the rescue in providing a constant and quality connection to anyone and anywhere in the country.”

“After all – how can businesses think big if they do not have a reliable and constant connection?”

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Why you need a satellite Internet backup connection