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Big deals available on Hisense TVs

Hisense is running a promotion where you can get loads of great deals on a variety of TVs and audio products.

These products are perfect to kit out your home for the ultimate entertainment experience.

TV deals will be available across both Hisense’s ULED and Laser TV models, while the audio deals cover soundbars, HiFis, and the company’s HP130 party speaker.


Hisense will be offering awesome deals across many of its popular TVs, including the U8QF, U7QF, and U7WF ULED models.

These TVs are available locally in both 55-inch and 65-inch models and offer a premium viewing experience.

They also support Dolby Vision and HDR technologies, which optimise the viewing experience, and feature modes for both gaming and sports.

Hisense’s Hi-view engine makes sure you have the processing power to watch your favourite content without interruptions or lag, too, while the U7QF and U8QF further leverage Hisense’s ground-breaking Quantum Dot technology.

Quantum Dot offers more accurate colours and superior lighting while reducing power usage, making it the ultimate technology for premium viewing.

The deals do not stop there, as Hisense will be offering specials on its A7100 and 70B7100 TVs.

Laser TVs

Hisense’s Laser TVs have taken the industry by storm and there is no better time to buy one of these impressive devices.

Hisense will offer great deals on its 88L5VG, 1000L5F, and 120L5F Laser TVs.

These TVs offer 4K quality and leverage Hisense’s X-Fusion laser light source, as well as DLP theatre technology to offer a supreme viewing experience.

Another great benefit of Laser TVs is that they reflect the image off a display rather than transmitting it straight to your eyes – meaning they have fewer health ramifications than traditional TVs.

Hisense Laser TVs also come with Dolby Atmos sound for an immersive viewing experience, while their 1ms response times are perfect for gamers.


Hisense is offering deals across a variety of soundbars, HiFi systems, and its HP130 party speaker.

Hisense’s audio products are designed to offer great sound in any occasion – whether you’re holding a large event, or just want great sound while watching your favourite movie.

There will be top deals on soundbar models like the HS312, HS214, HS218, and HS219, as well as on Hisense’s HA120, HA350, and HA450 HiFi units.

If you need sound for your next party, the HP 130 party speaker is then the perfect solution, and will be available on special.

Click here to view the full range of Hisense deals available through this promotion.

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Big deals available on Hisense TVs