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The ideal telephony solution for Microsoft Teams

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is proud to launch its OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing platform.

The platform brings together solutions from Liquid and Microsoft to enable telephony in your Microsoft Teams client.

It is the perfect fit for all sizes of businesses that need to modernise their telephony infrastructure in a hybrid work environment.

OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing provides your employees with the added functionality of calling a mobile or a fixed line number from within their Microsoft Teams client.

Simpler than PBX

Liquid’s OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing platform brings unbridled convenience as it removes the complication of managing numbers traditionally allocated through your PBX provider or a complex set of scripts.

Liquid provides a concierge team to help onboard and activate your OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing users.

Liquid has worked to make the acquisition of phone numbers across all our countries simpler than ever before, and now businesses will be able to manage user extensions as simply as they manage Microsoft 365 licenses bought from Liquid, through a new online portal.

OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing provides business continuity by leveraging Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure and Liquid’s carrier grade voice platform.

Liquid built its pan-African voice platform to cater to customers across the continent whilst adhering to in-country voice regulations, as both Liquid and Microsoft solutions are fully GDPR and POPIA compliant.

Ultimately, the solution from Liquid is an extension of your current Microsoft Teams functionality with voice communications as it it enriches your Microsoft Teams client with a PSTN number that enables traditional voice calling.

Liquid understands that bill shock is very real and can be seriously disruptive. To solve this problem, it is launching the OneVoice for Teams Direct Routing with integrated calling plans – removing the risk of bill shock and easing the budgeting process.

Today, Liquid offers this solution in six African countries: South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

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The ideal telephony solution for Microsoft Teams