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Why South African tech companies must be on MyBroadband

MyBroadband makes it easy for South African tech companies to reach IT decision makers and ensure their message is heard.

This is thanks to MyBroadband being South Africa’s largest technology publication, with over 2 million monthly readers.

The large audience, however, is only part of its power.

MyBroadband reaches over 5 million South Africans through its website, social media channels, newsletters, and online community channels each month.

To complement this, MyBroadband has developed excellent targeting capabilities to ensure South African IT and telecoms companies reach the right audience.

Your message can therefore be distributed to specific industries and professionals based on your needs.

Whether you want to reach CEOs and directors, CTOs, CIOs, IT managers, or consumers – MyBroadband has a product for you.

Our targeting capabilities delve deep into our audience segments, which include location, job description, industry, and seniority.

In short, MyBroadband’s wide reach and excellent targeting makes sure your message is seen by the right people.

For more information about MyBroadband’s marketing products, visit – MyBroadband Business.

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Why South African tech companies must be on MyBroadband