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Why your business needs the Synology DS1621+ NAS

The DS1621+ is the perfect file storage solution for businesses thanks to its support for up to six 3.5-inch HDDs and two M.2 NVMe SSDs, as well as two DX516 expansion units – resulting in a total of 16 drive bays.

A Gigabit Ethernet connection then gives you fast and reliable connectivity, and works with Synology’s impressive software solutions to give you the perfect NAS set-up.

We tested this and more when Synology provided us with a DS1621+ – and were thoroughly impressed with what this NAS has to offer.

DiskStation Manager 7.0

On the software side, Synology’s latest operating system – DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0 – comes with plenty of big improvements.

The new Storage Manager makes it much easier to sort and store your files optimally, and performance optimisations make data transfers run more smoothly while also protecting against data degradation.

Another amazing feature of DSM 7.0 is Active Insight, which is a comprehensive dashboard that develops and presents informative system health metrics.

These metrics are easy to customise, and you will receive notifications and feedback whenever Active Insight detects anomalies.

Combined with its support for over 100TB in a single storage pool, this Synology NAS was ticking the right boxes.

Synology Drive

QuickConnect makes it even simpler to connect your NAS to the Internet than before – all you have to do is check a box and create a new QuickConnect ID.

This will give you an affordable and comprehensive alternative to the public cloud through the Synology Drive solution – which is a license-free, new-generation file server for businesses.

Synology Drive is very easy to set up – all you have to do is navigate to the Synology Drive Admin Console, and then Team Folder, before enabling the folders you want to be indexed by Synology Drive.

Once you have done this, files placed into these folders will automatically be added to your Synology Drive solution, and you will be able to access them through the browser-based web portal, desktop ap, mobile app, mapped network drive, and more.

The solution is so effective that our technical team now uses the Synology DS1621+ as a replacement for the public cloud, and they are loving how simple it is to store and share the files and projects they are working on.

Synology Active Backup Suite

Another great way you can use the Synology DS1621+ is to back up your business data with its consolidated backup and instant recovery solution running on Synology NAS – Synology Active Backup Suite.

Designed for business use, it backs up unlimited Windows Server, PC, VMware, and Hyper-V virtual machines, as well as user accounts in M365 and G Suite, while requiring no license fees.

The application centralises the management of your backup tasks on a single platform, while notifications and scheduled reports will keep you in the loop on the status of your backups.

Through Synology Active Backup Suite, you can also minimise your downtime while maximising your efficiency through a variety of recovery methods as well as incremental backups and global deduplication technologies.

The Synology DS1621+ is a truly impressive NAS, and will fit right in your business environment.

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Why your business needs the Synology DS1621+ NAS