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Get affordable fibre to your home with Home-Connect

Home-Connect offers fibre packages across an extensive range of network operators to keep you connected at all times.

Within the industry, when customers are moving homes, the process is complicated and cumbersome as the understanding of customers is that one can just transfer the fibre to the new home.

Using technology, the process of moving addresses has been simplified for the customer.

Customers can log into Home-Connect customer portal and complete the process as customer experience is a priority at Home-Connect.

These packages do not have a set-up fee, either, and the sign-up process is painless – making Home-Connect a great choice as your fibre ISP.

Packages on offer range from affordable 20Mbps bundles to lightning-fast lines over 500Mbps.

Fibre to the Home packages

Home-Connect has established deals with 29 fibre network operators to bring fast and affordable connectivity to South African homes.

These operators include market-leaders such as Vumatel, MetroFibre, Openserve, Octotel, SA Digital Villages, and Balwin Fibre – which allows Home-Connect to offer one of the largest coverage areas of any South African ISP.

Home-Connect also has a business presence in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban, and this footprint continues to grow into more areas of South Africa as the popular ISP thrives.

Key to their success is that Home-Connect is part of the CipherWave group. You can therefore rest assured that you will receive amazing service from its passionate, energetic, and customer-focused staff.

Vuma Fibre Reach

Another great option if you want affordable fibre is the Vuma Fibre Reach product.

Vuma Fibre Reach is an initiative by leading fibre network operator Vumatel which provides affordable fibre in areas which did not previously have access to this important technology.

The goal of Vuma Fibre Reach is to connect communities across South Africa through fibre and reduce the digital divide.

It does this by not requiring long-term contracts from customers, who can instead select to renew their service every 28 days.

Those who sign up to Vuma Fibre Reach also receive a free router that will be installed and activated at no extra cost.


Fast Internet connectivity is transforming society, and fibre is the ultimate technology when it comes to speed and reliability.

If you want to equip yourself with a great fibre Internet connection, Home-Connect can make this a reality.

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Get affordable fibre to your home with Home-Connect