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Greystone IT Consulting and Huawei Cloud – The cloud solution for blue-chip companies

Greystone IT Consulting was founded in 2003 to provide IT solutions to the ever-growing African market.

It specialises in the development of data management solutions and the provision of infrastructural support and IT procurement to medium-to-large organisations.

Greystone IT Consulting boasts a large range of blue-chip companies as its clients, and has seen so much growth that it has expanded to 11 African countries in just a few years.

Recently, Greystone IT Consulting was asked by one of its blue-chip clients to help move its Africa division’s infrastructure to the cloud.

It is also in talks with a second large company to start a proof of concept regarding its cloud infrastructure with the view to making optimisations and improvements.

How Huawei Cloud helps

These and other clients who want to move to the cloud usually have one issue in common – they struggle with downtime caused by hardware failure.

This means they must spend time resolving failures while operating below peak efficiency.

To solve this challenge, Greystone IT Consulting leverages the power of Huawei Cloud – removing the issue of faulty hardware for its enterprise clients.

Huawei Cloud is a market-leading product that is perfect for enterprises looking to move their legacy systems and processes to the cloud, and it provides architecture that is agile, scalable, and reliable – all at a great price point.

This is why Greystone IT Consulting often recommends Huawei Cloud for its enterprise clients who need peak performance while removing hardware-induced downtime.

Huawei Cloud is also designed in a way that makes migrations a breeze, and is therefore perfect for organisations that want to modernise their applications effectively and quickly.

“Huawei Cloud is focused on creating a sustainable ecosystem, focusing on strategic collaborations with leaders in the ICT space,” said Stone He, President Huawei Cloud, Southern Africa.

“With local data centres, we offer a reliable and safe platform with reduced latency. All our data centres also comply with Tier 3+ standards, which ensure superior service and security.”

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Greystone IT Consulting and Huawei Cloud – The cloud solution for blue-chip companies