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Micro Focus and Microsoft Azure – The perfect mainframe modernisation partnership

Mainframe modernisation keeps your business relevant, and cloud technology plays a key role in this process.

This is according to Richard Gamblin, Cloud Transformation Architect at Microsoft Azure.

“The advantage of modernising these services is that they can be re-designed to exploit contemporary application delivery techniques, such as DevOps, and more flexible architectures,” said Gamblin.

Gamblin said there are two key ways in which mainframe modernisation through cloud platforms can save your organisation money.

Firstly, you will reduce your physical infrastructure costs.

“Typically, we see the cost of Azure as being about 10% of the mainframe hardware cost for the same capacity,” said Gamblin.

The second big cost saver is the ability to pay for your core business services as an on-going, optimised operating expense – rather than a big up-front capital expense.

“For mainframe users, they have to invest in the hardware in anticipation of the largest projected peak workloads, often several years ahead of time,” said Gamblin.

“Running the same workloads in Azure, a company pays only for what they use and yet have the immense scale to meet unforeseen future demand.”

Micro Focus Modernisation

To help businesses prepare their systems for current and future demands, Micro Focus offers a holistic, enterprise-scale suite of modernisation technologies that run on Microsoft Azure.

Micro Focus Modernisation helps companies choose their own path, based on the premise of protecting rather than discarding their IT investments.

The solution leverages Micro Focus’s modernisation maturity model and offers the following benefits:

  • Efficiency – Streamline development and delivery activities by up to 40%.
  • Experience – Micro Focus has delivered over 1,000 modernisation projects in recent years.
  • Keep what works – Deploy key technologies without discarding what you already have.
  • Support – Micro Focus Modernisation works across all core applications and major platforms.
  • Stay current – Micro Focus is a certified Azure partner, giving it access to the latest innovations.
  • Reduce and improve – Customers can expect 50%-90% reduction in IT operation costs, and up to 50% performance improvement for batch and online transactions.

Azure and Micro Focus – The perfect partnership

Gamblin highlighted that the combination of Micro Focus Modernisation with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform is one of the longest-standing, trusted, and proven partnerships in the market.

“For those organisations who are seeking to migrate off the mainframe, the combination of Micro Focus and Azure provides one of the most efficient, expedient, and lowest risk paths to success,” he said.

“Our joint approach allows organisations to preserve decades of investment in hundreds of millions of lines of encoded business logic and safely migrate it to the world’s most geographically-available cloud platform.”

Learn more about the Micro Focus Modernisation suite.

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Micro Focus and Microsoft Azure – The perfect mainframe modernisation partnership