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CallApp – The easiest way to protect your family

CallApp offers the best protection there is against vishing – a scamming strategy which involves malicious parties calling your phone and pretending to be somebody else to get your valuable personal information.

This is comparable to the well-known phishing scam, which involves these malicious parties trying to get your personal information through email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Anyone can fall victim to vishing, particularly if the scammers already have information about you that could convince you they are a legitimate caller. This includes your name, the bank you use, and your date of birth.

These scammers may also present you with a fake scenario that, if it were to be true, would be a serious cause for concern – such as your bank claiming someone has stolen from your account.

If these malicious parties get access to your personal data, they can use it to steal your money, commit identity theft, and much more.

CallApp saves the day

CallApp protects you from scammers through its market-leading Caller ID technology, which leverages a database of over 3 billion phone numbers and makes it easy to identify spammers and scammers.

Users can also label numbers as spam if they encounter one that has not yet been identified on the app. This number is added to the Call App database to prevent other users from being caught out in the future.

Additionally, CallApp verifies numbers against Caller ID spoofing – protecting you against spammers who try to hide their real number in an attempt to circumvent Caller ID technology.

Call Blocker

CallApp’s call blocking feature is another handy tool in its arsenal, and makes it easy to block any numbers from contacting you in the future.

You can block numbers individually or block whole groups of numbers preventatively.

For example: you can choose the option to block all Common Spammers by default – preventing their calls from coming through.

You can automatically block private or hidden numbers, too.

All of these blocking features let you choose between letting the calls ring in silence, or automatically hanging up on these numbers.

Get CallApp today

CallApp offers all these anti-scam features and more – including call recording, backup tools, and an advanced contact book – and is available for free on Android smartphones.

Download CallApp today to protect yourself and your family from being scammed.

Click here to download CallApp for free on Android.

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CallApp – The easiest way to protect your family