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Converged Group – The ultimate communications provider

IT performance directly affects business operations and productivity, and Converged Group gives your business the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Converged Group is a Tier 1 VoIP provider with a primary focus on providing the best customer experience in the industry.

This unique, customer-centric approach combines Converged Group’s broad set of skills with decades of expertise to offer an array of business services, including Connectivity and Cloud Telephony, that specifically suit your business.

While most organisations offer only one layer of solutions, Converged Group is uniquely equipped to provide end-to-end services across Layer 1, 2 and 3 Fibre Network – working directly with your business to build a complete ecosystem of solutions tailored specifically to your business’s needs.


Converged Group is a privately owned, technical service-based organization that was established in 1999.

The group understands the intricacies and essential requirements to achieve true convergence for its customers.

Converged Group has therefore chosen not to try to be everything to everyone, but rather remains totally focused on being the best possible partner for its clients’ individual convergence strategies.

What differentiates Converged Group from its competition is the depth of its skills and knowledge.

From rolling out a 500+ seat multi-media contact centre to migrating 15-year-old legacy PBX technology at the customer’s pace – Converged Group has lots of experience across a diverse range of clients and has learned to work with any organisations to achieve their specific goals.

About Converged Group’s journey

Since its inception, it has continuously increased its capacity and number of services to become a leading convergence specialist.

As a Tier 1 integrator, Converged Group partnered with Mitel and expanded into PBX sales and support as a means to complement its technical services.

It experienced continued growth, acquiring national carrier and infrastructure IECS and IECNS licences and negotiating deals with leading network providers to provide carrier-grade VoIP solutions.

It is also present in NAPAfrica in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.

Most recently, Converged Group has focused its attention on developing its Cloud Telephony product and is now peered with major Layer 1 providers to offer the best possible connectivity solutions.

Converged Group benefits

Converged Group has developed a variety of connectivity options with speeds ranging from 10Mbps to north of 1Gbps, as well as tailor-made packages to your business needs.

These connections are unshaped, uncapped, and VoIP-ready, and offer uncontended bandwidth and SLA.

In addition, Converged Group has spent nearly a decade developing an affordable, mature, multi-tenant Cloud Telephony product with high-end PBX functionality – which includes call centre, mobility, conferencing and messaging features.

Their product suites are technology-agnostic, meaning it can reduce your business costs by utilising your current technology investments.

Furthermore, Converged Group offers the best in VoIP services. This is thanks to its use of nine outgoing routes across all four major local mobile networks for redundancy – providing your business with a dependable line for clear and stable calls.

Its voice managed solution saves you money by charging per-second billing with no minimum call charge, across all call types, including mobile, local, national, and international calls.

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Converged Group – The ultimate communications provider