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How Huawei Cloud and Dynamic Cyber Group are making IT simple

Few could have predicted how drastically the COVID-19 pandemic would accelerate the way organisations work.

These changes opened gaps in the market that were not yet serviced by large enterprises and are now addressed by agile businesses like Dynamic Cyber Group.

Hyper-automation – which is enabled through low-code application development, AI, and robotics – is redefining the technology world.

However, these systems create more IT complexity.

Dynamic Cyber Group was founded to solve these IT complexities through the provision of comprehensive and effective services.

It does this by providing quick, valuable solutions at affordable rates and achieves this by turning infrastructure and architecture – which are typically Capex investments – into cloud-based services that fall under the Opex bracket.

Cloud-based services can also be built in a way that makes them much easier to implement at short notice, while reducing the learning curve for you and your organisation.

Huawei partnership

Dynamic Cyber Group has a partnership with Huawei Cloud that allows it to offer a vast range of services that are required by almost all SMMEs and IT start-ups.

These solutions leverage elite digital resources and, because they are situated in a Johannesburg data centre, offer low latency and reduced costs to South African businesses.

They are also incredibly scalable, meaning you can grow your uptake of these services as your organisation expands and thrives.

Additionally, the group offers several end-user products – including cloud-based PBX VoIP solutions, domain names, website hosting, and e-commerce hosting. These hosting solutions are purchasable through an automated payment gateway.

Resellers are also served, and these businesses can white label the payment gateway services and get access to an easy-to-manage user interface.

Dynamic Cyber Group has also developed ZERO-Touch services that are serving many entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

Contact Dynamic Cyber Group today and learn how you can simplify your IT.

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How Huawei Cloud and Dynamic Cyber Group are making IT simple