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Simplify your risk-based audits and increase productivity

CURA is a leading provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), and risk-based audit software that is implemented across over 350 enterprise customers around the world.

To compete in a rapidly changing business landscape, organisations need to prioritise flexibility and think about a system that can manage both risk and audit, instead of simply thinking about a risk solution in isolation.

CURA’s software solutions can help you increase your audit department’s efficiency by streamlining the internal audit and combined assurance processes.

Why optimising your risk-based audit processes is important

A seamless approach to risk-based auditing is key to building a more efficient audit department, that allows you to maximize on time that is traditionally lost to documentation and review of audits and working papers.

Through the implementation of risk-based audit management software, your organisation can ensure that the controls that have been documented as part of the risk assessment process, are actually effective and adequate in order to mitigate risk.

This is enabled by an automated combined assurance process that is managed within a single platform.

Your organisation’s GRC efforts will be strengthened as you will have a more holistic view from which you can make important decisions.

Not only is this beneficial to you; your clients and stakeholders will trust your organisation more as it will be clear that you have risk under control – protecting their operations and investments.

The best way to execute this is through a software solution that streamlines the risk and audit process – allowing your team to focus on more important elements without the distraction of time-consuming menial tasks.

CURA Audit

CURA Audit is the perfect tool to manage, monitor, and act on risk within your organisation.

It achieves this by streamlining the risk-based audit processes to reduce knowledge gaps and resources while increasing the productivity of your audit team.

This is because it takes over tasks that are time-consuming and can be automated – such as scheduling and management – leaving your team to spend their time on important audit tasks that require a human touch.

CURA Audit supports a variety of internal audit methodologies which cover a broad range of audit types, and the tool allows for easy document management for business processes, policies and procedures, working papers, and much more.

You can also review and sign off your audit plans electronically, which saves you the time of printing documents and trying to find the necessary signatories.

Once the audit is complete, you can then generate valuable reports that provide important information regarding the audit process.

CURA’s Audit solution also integrates into CURA’s GRC enterprise software.

This provides for end-to-end functionality for managing the complete audit life cycle – from planning, through execution, and to the review process.

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Simplify your risk-based audits and increase productivity