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Satellite Internet – Competitive pricing and unmatched availability

The South African LTE space has always been competitive, and the entry of new players into the market has only intensified the rivalry with innovative products and packages being launched in an effort to poach subscribers from other service providers.

Market logic suggests that consumers will benefit in this race to the bottom, but it is worth noting that many of these packages shackle consumers with Fair Usage Policies (FUPs) and restrictions on resolution – a possible bone of contention for end users who enjoy streaming content.

This can also be a point of differentiation between different operators, as is the relative availability of LTE and 4G or 5G connectivity.

These factors make direct comparisons between different packages more complex than they might first appear, but one conclusion can still be drawn: smart satellite services remain competitive on cost grounds and offer unmatched availability – especially in times of service interruption amongst other networks.

Twoobii Smart Satellite Service

Twoobii is a Smart Satellite Service operated by Q-KON and based on the advanced Intelsat Flex satellite network.

It leverages both the high-throughput Intelsat EPIC satellite constellation and modern satellite modem technology to deliver best-in-class performance at a competitive price point.

At a base price of R64 per GB, Twoobii offers exceptional value in combination with elevated availability and connectivity for business applications, financial transaction processing and cloud access services.

Given the many metrics that can be used to evaluate broadband service offerings, one-to-one comparisons with GSM data services cannot reveal the full picture.

Market Value

The example below shows a Twoobii Smart Satellite service designed to service the Prosumer (professional consumer) market with an attractive bundle rate of R15.49/GB.

Package Download/Upload speeds Data Bundle Price (24-month term)
Pro-10 with voice services 10Mbps/3Mbps 100GB R1,549 per month
Pro-20 with voice services 20Mbps/3Mbps 200GB R2,949 per month

Satellite’s lack of reliance on fixed terrestrial infrastructure and mains power sources makes it ideal as both a business continuity back-up service and first-responder enabling technology in times of crisis.

It is also highly suitable for use as a primary connectivity tool in remote or off-grid locations.

Pay-per-use billing models add to the financial appeal of Smart Satellite services, whether or not alternative means of communication are typically available.

Twoobii remains at the forefront of African satellite connectivity solutions thanks to its advances in satellite business broadband technology.

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Satellite Internet – Competitive pricing and unmatched availability