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As the variety of programs and content grows, linear television and radio has become an essential source of information and entertainment in our homes, offices, linear television and radio, and when we spend time in a medical facility.

With the high cost of installing and maintaining a commercial television and radio service distribution network, it is of the utmost importance that it is implemented correctly the first time to ensure the longevity and reliability of the infrastructure.

To ensure the soundness and longevity of your investment the following should be considered when choosing a commercial television and radio distribution system.

  • Does the proposed system meet all your current requirements?
  • Can the system be upgraded (not replaced) to accommodate future demand?
  • Is the system compliant with regulation as set out by local broadcasters and content providers?
  • Will the system accommodate satellite and terrestrial services from multiple service providers and broadcasters?

At Space Television, we have more than thirty years of experience in the television reception and distribution field.

Backed by a product range sourced from reputable manufactures around the globe, Space Television ensure that each of our customers invest in a reliable, future-safe solution to suit all your needs, now and in the future.

Space Television is the trusted partner and approved Systems Integrator for MultiChoice, and an active member with FEDHASA, thus facilitating the perfect partnerships for our clients.

Based on the legendary TDX Pool Technology, the TRIAX TDX is the first choice when delivering flexible, reliable and future safe solutions to the hospitality sector and other commercial deployments.

Simply put, the TRIAX TDX is Television Redefined.

Get in touch with the Space Television Projects Team to find out how the Triax TDX could benefit your establishment.

What is the TRIAX TDX?

The Technology:

The TRIAX TDX is a compact integrated headend system ideally suited for commercial and hospitality television reception and distribution.

The unique design and legendary TDX pool technology ensure that each system is easily configured to suit the individual requirements of each potential deployment.

The TRIAX TDX Black Edition headend has 16 individual input slots in the top half of this well-designed chassis.

Each input slot can be populated with various inputs selected from the wide range of TDX input cards. These include Satellite, Digital Terrestrial, Cable TV, and HDMI and A/V inputs where applicable IP-Video streams may be added to the TDX to be processed for distribution in RF or IPTV format.

The bottom half of the TDX chassis is reserved for the output stage of this compact headend.

Each chassis can accommodate up to six output cards, including PAL analogue RF outputs, DVB-T and DVB-C digital RF outputs, or IPTV output cards.

In addition, the flexibility of the TDX allows for any combination of output cards to be installed in a single chassis, allowing for multiple output standards to be available simultaneously where required.

To ensure that the TDX can accommodate small to large numbers of television and radio services, up to three TDX chassis can be combined, allowing for the sharing of the TDX POOL across all three chassis.

This allows for the potential processing and distribution of hundreds of television and radio channels from a single headend.

Services from all available satellite and terrestrial broadcasters can be included for processing in the TDX. This includes MultiChoice, Openview HD, Starsat, Canal+, Zapp TV, Premium Free, GOtv and many other Free to Air and subscription services.

To ensure legal compliance with Broadcasters and Content Providers, the TRIAX TDX supports various back-end DRM (Digital Rights Management) encryption platforms, allowing the TDX to be deployed with hospitality television sets from major brands such as LG and Samsung. Other third-party DRM platforms, such as Panaccess, may be used where hospitality television sets are not used.

How it works:

The TRIAX TDX offers excellent flexibility to ensure that any solution required can be customised to suit each deployment.

So whether you need a headend to distribute a couple of analogue RF channels or you require the distribution of hundreds of HD television and radio services via a single coaxial or IP network, the TDX will not disappoint.

System planning starts with the customer’s requirements, which include the number of television, radio, and other services that will be distributed.

This can also include services from multiple distributors and terrestrial, satellite, cable TV (where available), and IP streams.

Services from pay television operators as well as free to air broadcasters can be combined for distribution with the TRIAX TDX.

In addition, locally generated in-house infotainment channels can be easily added to the solution via the available HDMI and Video input modules.

All services received by the TDX are converted to IP streams and are stored in the internal virtual IP pool of the TRIAX TDX.

All internal processing in the TDX is done at an IP level; the systems ensure the highest quality video and audio delivery regardless of the chosen output standard.

With all the required channels finalised and available in the TDX Pool, channels are processed according to type and status (encrypted or free to air) in which they are broadcast.

Next, all encrypted channels are decrypted using Broadcaster-specific CAM’s (Conditional Access Modules) and SMART cards, and all decrypted channels are once again stored in the TDX Pool.

The use of CAM technology eliminates the use of domestic satellite and terrestrial receivers.

Although these receivers have been used in commercial installations for many years, they always created various issues, as these units were and are not designed for commercial use.

Before available services are routed to the various output modules in the TRIAX TDX, all services that may require decryption, based on broadcaster and content owner regulation, will be re-encrypted using an approved DRM such as Samsung, LG Pro:Idiom, or Panaccess.

The re-encryption is usually done in conjunction with an external encryption server from the chosen platform.

Back-end encryption is only required for services distributed in digital HD format (Digital RF or IPTV).

Still, it is not required for PAL analogue RF distributed services, as the lower quality of analogue RF servicers does not pose the high piracy risk which is synonymous with other products???

Due to the modular design of the TRIAX TDX, any combination of analogue and digital RF outputs and IPTV outputs can be made available simultaneously.

This feature is often used where digital distribution is chosen, but other viewing environments such as gym equipment with onboard television screens may require analogue programs.

The option can also be used where a TDX with analogue outputs may be upgraded to digital RF or IPTV at a later stage, allowing a phased upgrade approach which is often required in an existing establishment when upgrades are done.

To add to an already robust and reliable platform, the TDX can be equipped with a dual redundant power supply to ensure maximum up-time, especially in areas prone to power surges that may damage the power supplies of electronic equipment.

TRIAX TDX for Commercial Applications:

The TRIAX TDX is best suited for use in a wide range of commercial applications such as:

  • Medium to large Hotels
  • Lodges
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Hospitals and other Medical Facilities
  • Care Homes and Frail Care
  • Offices
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports and Recreational facilities
  • Health and Fitness establishments
  • Educational and Training centres

At Space Television we have a dedicated team ready to assist our valued clients with the designing and roll-out of new systems as well as upgrades using existing network infrastructure where possible.

Space Television – Technical Department:

For any technical assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Technical Department.

Space Television – Projects Department:

Space Television’s Projects Department can collaborate with Planning, Consulting & Electrical Engineers, and IT Managers/fibre installers for new or existing projects.

We offer System Design, Linked Budgets, Costings & a Bill of Materials to assist with smooth project rollouts.

Contact our Project Team now for a consultation.

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