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Best company to build your smartphone app – with guaranteed results

Codehesion is South Africa’s top mobile app development company with a track record of building world-class smartphone apps.

Codehesion was founded in 2017 by Hector Beyers, an experienced software architect with a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

From the outset, Beyers’ aim was clear – create South Africa’s best smartphone development company.

Codehesion only employs qualified and experienced software engineers and designers, and this shows in the results.

Over the last four years, Codehesion has helped numerous South African companies to design, build, test, and launch successful Android and iPhone apps.

Their exceptional work was recognised at the 2021 Supersonic New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards, where they walked away with two awards.

Codehesion gives companies two options to develop a smartphone app – outsourcing the entire project or using their developers for in-house development.

They offer a free consultation to guide companies on whether it is better to outsource the whole project or use Codehesion’s software engineers for in-house development.

After the app is completed, companies have the option to support the app themselves or use Codehesion on a retainer.

Should a company use its own development team to maintain the app, Codehesion provides complete training to support the transition. It also provides a fallback option to remove risk.

Free mobile app consultation

Beyers encouraged companies looking for a new Android or iOS app to contact them via their website for a free consultation.

This consultation process helps with planning the best route to develop the app and forecasting how much it is expected to cost.

For a risk-free consultation – Contact Codehesion here.

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Best company to build your smartphone app – with guaranteed results