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HyperionDev coding bootcamps – The best way to upskill or change careers

HyperionDev offers coding bootcamps to South Africans of any skill level, providing the opportunity to upskill or change careers.

About 80% of HyperionDev graduates find a job in a tech-related role within only 6 months.

This is according to the 2021 HyperionDev Tech Graduate Futures Report, which offers valuable insight into skills development in the technology industry.

Become a developer

Research shows that the developer industry is expanding rapidly, which has been accelerated by remote and hybrid working trends.

Despite this, there are not enough developers available globally. This is driven by a lack of graduate output, and the growth in the developer job force was only 2.4% in 2020 compared to an expected 4%.

With the need for developers evident, many South Africans are now interested in switching to this exciting career path.

HyperionDev makes this easy by offering affordable and accessible coding bootcamps that allow you to learn to code at a professional level.

HyperionDev narrows the tech skills gap

HyperionDev’s coding bootcamps are designed for people from all walks of life, and over 50% of graduates only have a matric certificate or a higher diploma.

Additionally, 55% of graduates completed their bootcamp while working a full-time job.

These graduates come from a diverse range of professions, including marketing, HR, finance, and sales – proving that anyone can benefit from a HyperionDev bootcamp.

HyperionDev’s finding that almost 80% of graduates found a new job within 6 months of completing their bootcamp is further evidence that a change in career, or upskilling yourself, is possible.

The quality of the jobs these graduates take up is equally important, and HyperionDev graduates now work for an extensive range of top companies – including Amazon, FNB, Absa, Vitality, BMW, IBM, and EOH.

Additionally, the average graduate increased their salary by 23% following their coding bootcamp.

Graduates have also acquired an impressive list of job titles, from Software Engineers and Web Developers to Network Engineers and Data Analysts.

Join the digital revolution

You are capable of more than you could ever imagine and learning code can reveal this to you. HyperionDev bootcamps are the obvious way to equip yourself with the necessary skills to forge your own path to success.

Demand for IT professionals is growing and the technology industry is continuously evolving, so if you want to develop relevant, modern tech skills, join a HyperionDev bootcamp today.

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HyperionDev coding bootcamps – The best way to upskill or change careers