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Aruba Instant On – Enterprise-grade networking for small businesses

Aruba Instant On offers affordable enterprise-grade networking that is simple to set up – making it the ideal solution for small businesses and remote workforces.

It also prioritises both performance and security, offering a comprehensive solution that keeps businesses and employees connected at all times.

Easy setup

For small businesses, Wi-Fi used to only exist in the back office for employees. Now, Wi-Fi is expected to be customer-facing and must be accessible to employees working from home.

Aruba delivers on this expectation through its impressive enterprise-grade Instant On solution for small businesses.

Aruba Instant On makes it easy to implement secure, powerful, and manageable network solutions at an affordable price and without the need for an IT team.

All the business needs to do is download the Aruba Instant On app on a mobile device, create networks, and easily sync new Aruba Instant On access points and switches through a simple setup wizard.

There are a variety of these access points and switches to choose from, while Aruba Smart Mesh technology uses multiple Wi-Fi access points to cover entire businesses with a strong signal.

Aruba Instant On also offers comprehensive monitoring features that make it easy to manage this business network from anywhere using the Instant On app.

Additionally, the solution features enterprise-grade security to minimise the risk of compromised user login credentials.

This includes two-factor authentication (2FA), and secures customer and business information from malicious parties.

Full bars from cheap hardware doesn’t mean peak performance

Many businesses may argue, however, that they already have a strong Wi-Fi network with their cheap router and low-cost repeaters.

They receive “full bars” on their Wi-Fi connection, but, for whatever reason, the Internet performance they receive from this low-cost hardware is below their expectations.

There is a simple explanation for this – these signal bars do not represent throughput – only coverage.

If a cheap router transmits a weak Internet signal to a repeater, and a user is close to this repeater, it will likely show full bars – even though the Internet connection this low-cost hardware is transmitting is weak.

In contrast, Aruba Instant On ensures users are not only getting strong coverage, but strong throughput. This results in a far superior Internet connection across the entire network to that which you would get with the cheap hardware many have historically settled for.

Tarsus and Aruba

If you’re interested in becoming an Aruba Instant On reseller, Tarsus is the best distributor for your needs.

Tarsus has been an Aruba distributor for many years and brings a powerful mix of enterprise knowledge and a comprehensive volume engine – which is perfect for this enterprise-grade product that is aimed at smaller businesses.

If you are a reseller, you should leverage the impressive distribution abilities of Tarsus and the incredible value of the Aruba Instant On portfolio today.

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Aruba Instant On – Enterprise-grade networking for small businesses